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Nike Free RN Running Shoes Review

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NIKE Running shoes

The Nike Free RN running shoes have proven to be a great lightweight trainer, easily meeting the needs of many runners who want a consistent shoe, but it will allow you to push forward with confidence in your gear. At just 18 ounces out of 11 for men, these are really simple, but with that comes the equal trade of longevity and support.

We really liked this, but there are some really good offerings out there, like On Cloud and Kinvara 8 that might be better suited for other runners. Look as we separate these and place them against some of the top shoes on the market.

Nike Free RN Running Shoes Review

One of the first things you should notice about the Nike Free RN is the low-profile design. Everything from small, short to high heels, especially the same midsole says the shoe is designed to sound, well… comfortable. The idea is that the released design will feel natural and not be a hindrance to movement and arrival, which is why the shoes go well.

Indeed, in a custom-designed race shoe, this setting is very good. However, shoes like the Minimus 10v1 have dropped the attachment, bend, and other restrictions to bring a more comfortable, natural sound that makes these feel squishy floppy.

However, a minimalist shoe will not appeal to all runners and these do a good job on their behalf. We compare them with our entire team and place their advantages and disadvantages to help you make the right choices.

Nike Free RN 2021 Running Shoes bring more flexible balance than ever before. Extend the extra items with your foot, while the tri-star outsole pattern adjusts your every step to get a ride that brings support and flexibility to the situations where you need it.


  • The circular weaving at the top is done with spandex for natural movement.
  • The Dynamic heel fit system supports from heel to toe.
  • The Tri-star outsole pattern is familiar to your step to get a flexible cushion.
  • Dynamic Fit technology is available in Flywire cables that are wired to fit, support.
  • The texture is added under the toe and heel to improve movement in the most abrasive areas.


  • It is not intended to be used as a personal protective device (PPE)


What is most interesting about these fast shoes is that their grey foam and design are barefoot-inspired together to make the shoe more responsive. Normally the glossy foam on the midsole will eat up the reaction, but on its natural surface, protected by flywire arch wraps, it works best to minimize the immersion effect of the pillowy midsole.

The best shoe here was the Hoka One One Elevon, which won our Top Pick Stability award and would help even those who want a good balance, but its design is very different from the Free RN. For that reason, we suggest that runners look to On Cloud, which won our Top Pick Lightweight Racing Flat with its sturdy and uniquely designed outsole that provided a slight setback than Elevon, but more than that.

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Landing Comfort

We were impressed with the arrival of these as daily coaches. But they could not compare to other racing flats on our list. Their design was inspired by the barefoot runners at Stanford University and we put their feelings to the side of Minimus 10v1. Which came into our team as a good little running shoe. The real impact of the earth is lost on the Nikes. But they allow for a greater range of motion such as a smaller and higher design than most other models.


However, the focused decline had many of its competitors the combination of solid midsoles. And low profile designs for the best. The firm, the Pegasus 34 sole uniform created a better landing point than the soft. Flexible RN and set it up next to the Editor’s Choice Brooks PureFlow 6. Which combines flexibility, low profile, and solid arrival that delivers the edge.


This kick was one of the easiest in our pocket, adding 18 ounces to your feet when it comes to 11s. They are lighter than even the PureFlow 6s. But the lighter racecourse requires an extremely lightweight shoe. Which you can find with three pairs that come in light. Kinvara 8s at 17.6 ounces, On Clouds at 17.3 ounces, and Minimus 10v1s in size 11.5 ounces 17.2 ounces. The best performer for that group is On Cloud, which should be at the top of the list when considering alternatives. Though Minimus undoubtedly offers a natural non-slip shoe feel.


Not surprisingly, these striped runners do not have the strength of Sherman’s tanks. That is usually a deal with lightweight racing flats. They sacrifice life for the sake of speed. Their upper mesh is in danger of being torn apart and there have been complaints from users of just coming in unattended, but we have not had a major breakdown or failure. Ideally, the Minimus minimalist balances very well with durability, with its sturdy upper and sturdy outsole, sitting in the same category as sturdy shoes. We think this will be a good fit for those looking for a long-lasting shoe that mimics the barefoot feel.

Upper Comfort

A well-propelled collar and a smooth sock liner slide into a single layer of the integrated mesh make for a closed, natural fit that puts this in the middle of a more comfortable ride. They felt the same way and had the same level as one of our top picks, like On Cloud, but they were behind some very comfortable shoes. Most notably, their cousin Pegasus 35, whose collarbone was lined with a hard, non-slip tongue.


The upper mesh provided the right breathing conditions – better than might have been expected in the middle shoe. But it makes a trade between its comfort and its breath. The aforementioned sockliner and padding create such a natural, high-quality environment that absorbs heat and moisture. Some of the best trainers on our list for breathing are simply running flats. In the Cloud, Minimus 10v1, and PureFlow 6, all lined up, have very few extra meters. And other ventilation schemes. We recommend the Minimus runner who wants to get a natural casual experience. But PureFlow should be an option for those looking for a casual running shoe.

Best Applications

These work best in a sturdy, clean environment like roads. They may do well on easy routes, but the road is always where they get it.


Nike free rn running shoe price is not too bad for this, but it may be faster than some of the more efficient products available. For this price, you can also ride horses and go to Pegasus 34 or Cloud.

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Are Nike Free RN Shoes Good?

Leading Nike athletes use Free running and jog track tracking. Experts recommend daily running. By the year 2021, the Nike Free Rn Running Shoes Collection returns to its roots, with new design features that give the impression of a shoe that surpasses previous versions.

Does Nike Free Work Well for Performance?

But it is important to note that the Nike Free 5.0 is not designed for all fitness work. Eventually, it has become a matter of choice, but Kim says many top athletes will use Nike Free as a shoe for warmth and cooling down, as well as fitness training. … Some may use them for everyday running shoes.

What is The Nike Free RN Running shoe material?

The rubber front and heel give you the strength to keep going. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Flywire technology slides between side cords to keep your food inside.


In conclusion, of Nike free rn running shoes review. We usually expect Nike to have a few nice racing flats and this year it was. While not as good as the Best Buy that wins the Pegasus 34s, Free RNs still come out with good performance. They are lightweight with a quick low profile and offer good quality flat-top racing pads.

We also thought that in fact on their behalf, they gave a natural, truly relaxed feeling. Then again, the barefoot has no green foam attached to the ground. Which was a point of adherence to these.

Their midsoles sound good on the pillow, but that eliminates their reaction. And speed because each step has more generosity than other responsive models like the above-mentioned. Cousin or Top Pick for Lightweight Racing Flat, On Cloud. We still thought these were good shoes and runners would probably enjoy them, but there are better products out there.

You can read our Nike Free RN 5.0 Shoes Review Here.

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