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The Nike Vomero 15 Teardown

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NIKE Running Shoes

We are going to know The Nike Vomero 15 Teardown. This is the first episode of Solereview’s ‘demolition’ content series.

We decided it was a good idea to cut the pieces of shoes into separate pieces. Our detailed reviews usually use between 2000 and 4000 words and ripped pictures are often lost in the word soup.

The Nike Vomero 15 Teardown


We have done many post-mortems before, but it has always been part of the review. For example, our review of the Pegasus 37 and Nike Vaporfly 4% contains midsole dissections.

Solereview spends a lot of time shooting and editing photos, so it’s sad when few people read them.

Based on our analysis, there is a strict limit on time attention. The fact that the article is 1,500 or 5,000 words does not make any difference to how much time a reader spends on a page. Thus, separating the number of words in all two paragraphs will result in a better user experience.

Now, why does Solereview publish all those detailed updates? Because we can, and would like to provide as much detail as possible to help our readers make an informed decision.

Dividing or splitting is very helpful, as it accomplishes two important purposes:

  1. a) Why does the shoe behave the way it does? When we see the inner workings of the midsole, it is easy to understand the whole character.
  2. b) Products often make non-translational marketing claims into operational benefits. Dissection separates fact from fiction.

Unlike many review websites, Solereview buys all of its products at full price and never publishes sponsored content. Therefore, we did not care much if the brands were offended by our split and criticism of their marketing claims if any.

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 15 is the perfect shoe to start this series. From a construction point of view, a shoe is a complex one. According to Nike, the midsole combines the Zoom Air unit with the ZoomX foam.

What Inside The Nike Vomero 15

But how much ZoomX foam is present inside the midsole? Is it full length, or just a small total? What type of Zoom Air unit resides inside the front? And what does the sleeveless top look like on the inside?

Cutting Vomero answers all those questions. We will not cover any riding-related topics; that is the subject of our in-depth review.


The front has a Zoom Air bag similar to the Pegasus 37 and 38, and possibly, the same type that stays inside Building 23.

It is a large unit with cracks built-in – a feature that was not present in the older generation of Zoom Air units. It covers the entire front area well and covers 1 / 3rd of full size. Here, it seems to be a fraction of the size – that’s because it’s reduced.

Zoom Air is a compressed urethane compound filled with a gas that does not work like Nitrogen. Using inert gas prevents the unit from swelling after a long period of time – which would have been possible if Zoom Air had used normal air instead. And like a two-room house window, inert gas also provides thermal insulation.

This Urethane room also uses drop-stitch construction. Thousands of tiny strands attach to the ceiling and floor of the airbag to maintain good condition and structure.

This design is widely used in outdoor gear such as Air mattresses and standing rowing boards. The SUP board is nothing but a big Zoom Airbag.

There is another ‘Zoom’ inside the midsole.

Thus, we refer to ZoomX Foam. Here, it is used as a base and not a primary midsole. The outer bag is made of solid EVA-blend. Viewed separately, ZoomX takes up half the width of the midsole.

Calling it ‘full length’ would be a stretch of facts, because ZoomX touches the sliver under the Airbag. And there is no ZoomX in front of the airbag – that white foam is EVA.

Since it is difficult to distinguish different bubbles, we have described the things in this picture.

NIKE Running Shoes


ZoomX foam consists of two layers – that is where the small gap is. We are not sure why; our best guess is that it has to do with the Zoom Air bag integration process.

It is noteworthy that the setting of the Vomero 15 differs from a shoe similar to the Pegasus Turbo. In that model, ZoomX foam was placed over a solid React layer outside the EVA casing.

Interestingly, the Vomero 15 does not use regular seating – a thin layer of foam that is usually under the insole. Speaking of which, the removable insole is a medium-sized foam type.

Here, a permanent or Strobel very small sheet of synthetic fabric; is at least a millimetre thick. If the latest shoes are anything to go by, Nike is slowly losing its grip or almost empty – as seen in Vomero 15.


While this is a classic sleeveless top with a unique Nike design signature, it is worth highlighting a few areas you may be interested in. The inner lining and sleeve are the same here, so the second layer of mesh extends beyond the toe box. With the exception of integrated tongue and heel stitches, the interior has no stitches.

The mesh sleeve has foam padding, so it’s kind of spacer mesh if you like. ‘Holes’ are only in the outer net; the sleeveless coat is not.

The tongue is small, with a certain foam that separates the foot from the cord. The tongue flap has no quilting, but the heel collar has more. It is noteworthy that although the heel has an outer strap, the inner stiffener is also included.

There is no standard toe-bumper, but a layer of the printed type that gives the toe box its basic shape. You are so small that you can’t be seen. This integrated ‘bumper’ is integrated between the outer mesh and the inner sleeve.


For the most part, Nike’s claims are based on the availability of the required components – though that may not produce the expected reduction experience. The Zoom Airbag is the same size, and there is enough ZoomX foam to make a difference in performance.

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