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Nike Women’s Zoom Pegasus 32 Running Shoes Review

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Nike Women's Zoom Pegasus 32 Running Shoes Review

The new Nike women’s zoom pegasus 32 is one of the longest running shoes in Nike history, and has now been extended by this model. It is a very well-fitted, heavy shoe that will be perfect for those who prefer neutral shoes for short, powerful and fast performance; however, it can be equally good for long runs, too.

If you would like your shoe to be flat on your feet and offer a medium heel without much support, this is the choice you have to make. This model comes with improved upgrades and more foot support. The end is designed for a runner to achieve great speed. The shield itself is very light and breathable.

It’s simpler than its predecessor – the Nike women’s zoom pegasus 32 . However, overall the Nike women’s zoom pegasus 32 hasn’t changed much, just enough to be better than the previous one, which proves that the series doesn’t keep up with innovation and development.

Nike Women’s Zoom Pegasus 32 Running Shoes Review

Color: Blue Lagoon / Bright Citrus / Total Orange-Black

Nike Marketing Forum: Everyday Fast

Areas tested in: Road, temperature of 21 ° C / 70 ° F

Top: One piece machine-made, interior design of the inner sleeve. Lacing support with Flywire thread.

Midsole: Heel Zoom Air bag embedded inside a sturdy EVA case. 10 mm heel toe offset.

Outsole: Carbon Rubber with recycled content.

Weight: 307 gms / 10.8 Oz per pair pair of US11 / UK 10 / EUR 45 / CM 29

Width available: Normal (updated), Wide, Wide more


  • Smooth transitions, reverse heel rotation, smooth interior, outsole durability


  • Deep beans, zero look, $ 10 increase over 2014 for no reason


Nike Women’s Zoom Pegasus 32 General Information

The Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 remains one of Nike’s neutral road shoes and the latest program continues its tradition above a new one featuring Flymesh seamless Flywire combined for added comfort and balance.

The Pegasus 32 is ideal for neutral runners looking for a shoe that can handle the fastest and longest training, the most advanced while providing good traction and quick transitions.

The Pegasus has had more structural changes to maximize comfort and perfect balance while the midsole and outsole remain relatively unchanged from the previous model.

The most notable update to the Pegasus 32 is the switch to the new seamless Flymesh with the addition of the Nike Flywire.

The new top allows the shoe to shine and breathe easily while allowing the most custom-made, fit for my entire foot.

The combination of the Cushlon foam midsole with Zoom Air on the heel is allowed to travel comfortably during each of my outings. The shoe lives up to its history of bringing a smooth and fast change every time you run.The Pegasus 32 retains its position as a top choice for those neutral runners who want a shoe that can meet the needs of short or long runs all while doing so in style and comfort.

Nike Pegasus 32 Sole Unit

The Pegasus 32 continues its tradition of providing a comfortable ride and a smooth and responsive transition by keeping the midsole and outsole similar to that of the previous model.

The midsole is built with the full length of Cushlon foam which delivers enough lightweight and strong inserts that allow the shoe to give you a smooth and smooth ride. Like many Nike models, the Zoom Air is integrated into the heel which allows for more flexibility and response to the foot strike.

The combination of the Cushlon foam midsole with Zoom Air has given me a comfortable, smooth ride without giving up control each time. The feel and ride on foot was very similar to that of the Nike Elite 8 and Brooks Ghost.

The outsole continues to have Blown Rubber Crash Rails on the lateral side of the transition expansion and a slippery slope attached to the solid Carbon Rubber pull.

The design of the Waffle outsole on the foot provided increased drag and added grip all under the feet while the naturally selected Rubber combined with the forefoot brings a lot of traction throughout the transition.

The shoe kept the Cross Rocker inside the front feet photographed to promote the athlete’s natural foot strike and the Crash Pad on the “cut” heel as well as the gender-sensitive delivery by reducing strength during ground contact while enhancing stability.

These are benefits that are hard to “feel” while running but help with complete control during each step.

The use of the Cushlon foam midsole with Zoom Air on the heel brings a quick, smooth transition during each run.

There was enough expulsion whether I was out for a quick run or log in for miles on a long exit. The one has the same ride and feels similar to other Nike models like the Elite 8 and Vomero 10.

The Pegasus 32 continued its removal of 10 mm from heel to toe. Offset tends to be a personal favorite for many runners when choosing a daily coach.

The single Pegasus 32 unit remains unchanged and continues to provide the benefits of rapid transformation and flexibility, and the protection that athletes enjoy and rely on in this shoe.

Nike Pegasus 32 Upper Info

The Pegasus 32 above had some structural modifications to increase comfort and balance. A change in Flymesh’s new seamless material and including Flywire cords for a secure fit is immediately apparent when you remove the shoe from the box and connect the wires.

The new seamless Flymesh upper material allows the shoe to breathe easily while not being heavy.

Nike incorporates a variety of Flymesh products into its many functional shoes over the past few years as seamless textures and materials increase overall comfort while minimizing overall weight.

The Pegasus is updated with Nike Dynamic Flywire straps that appear on the sides and inside of the shoe which provides extended support throughout my foot which allows me to have more personal balance and comfort during each run.

Switching up with a combination of Flymesh and Flywire has allowed me to experience outstanding comfort and flexible balance as it wraps my entire foot.

This design modification is a good development from the previous model and can add to the tradition that this is a fast, reliable trainer.

The key to me every time I tie a shoe with Flywire is to find out how to tie a knot so I can get a comfortable fit between the foot that works with my running style and foot strike.

I used to run with a combination of Flymesh and Flywire as I have run in Nike LunarGlide 7, Nike Odyssey and Nike Elite 8.

I believe many runners will find that combining Flywire with Flymesh is a strong development that allows for a premium balance.

Additional comfort and support is provided by Nike’s EVA Fitsole Sockliner which fits the athlete’s foot position while the inner Heel Counter provides increased stability by keeping the heel safe and locked in place.

I have found that the performance of the shoe has been greatly improved with this latest version with additional comfort above.

The above modifications and additions of Flymesh and Flywire seamless wires are designed for safe and comfortable fit.


The outsole of this model, like previous versions, is made with Blown Rubber Crash Rails. Brown Rubber is a type of outsole used by the top shoe manufacturers. It is a composite of expanded or blended rubber and provides better grip than steel rubber, making the shoe much weaker The most priced feature for runners who prefer more riding. However, the downside of this document is that it does not last as long as carbon rubber.

Nike designers have also incorporated Carbon Rubber inside this shoe, to make it stronger. Which helps to achieve better durability and more durable runner. In addition, the outsole is made perfect by adding a responsive combination that includes everyone under the feet. And the naturally selected rubber in the toe area to provide a smooth transition. The toe and forefoot area has been used with Cross Rocker. Which promotes a natural athlete’s strike and the Crash Pad on the heel, to help soften the impact of high heels and make the transition easier, more tolerant.


Nike Women's Zoom Pegasus 32 Running Shoes Review

The midsole of this shoe is made with Nike CushIon Foam technology, which is widely used for running and training shoes to keep weight down. This material is a blend of Phylon and Rubber Additives and is best known for its ability to provide good traction and ensures stability, as well as its ability to absorb the shock caused when the feet hit the ground. The CushIon Foam is very responsive, very light and gives a very bouncy feeling to the runner. The midsole has also been used with Nike Zoom Air heel technology that provides more foot reduction and has been instrumental in slowing down the athlete’s transformation.


In building this shoe model, Nike strives to get more comfort and perfect construction. Than previous versions that aim to provide a balanced and patient feel for your feet. A combination of Flymesh fabric and Flywire laces are introduced into this shoe. Achieving outstanding comfort and balance that fit the athlete’s feet, folding and cushioning. This feature makes the shoe a top choice for those, who prefer fast exercise where foot comfort is paramount. The Flymesh is a lightweight Nike used in some of their shoes and has been known by many athletes. For the comfort it provides, is also very breathable, keeps the feet fresh during running. While the Nike Dynamic Flywire cable system provides increased support around runners between the feet and allows for foot equal.


The Pegasus 32 is a heavy-duty daily training shoe that is specially designed for maximum comfort. And speed while being able to withstand long runs, too. With the redesign and high-performance Flymesh fabric, this shoe has been made lighter. Than its predecessor weighing 9.90oz for male models. It would be a good choice for those, who used to run with a lightweight shoe. That could provide enough flexibility to keep the feet comfortable even during long workouts.


The Flymesh seamless surface is responsible for the high level of breathability of the shoe, allowing the feet to remain airtight and comfortable during rapid or long running. Flymesh fabric is a durable material that allows air to circulate freely through the air.


This is a high performance, neutral, lightweight shoe designed for speed and comfort. A key feature of this shield is the Nike Dynamic Flywire cable system. This technology provides better fit for the athlete by providing additional support in the foot area in the middle of the foot, and at the same time allows the runner to achieve a customized balance that will strengthen the feet with the most comfortable fit. The Flywire system consists of straps in the middle of the foot that allow the fabric to wrap around the feet. These cables are connected to a lacing system that allows for more flexibility between Flywire and cables. There is a twist on the tongue, too, thus making the shoe more comfortable. If you are looking for a comfortable everyday trainer, this is the right option for you.


Nike Women's Zoom Pegasus 32 Running Shoes Review

The ingenuity of this shoe model is clearly hidden. It is a shoe that looks comfortable, and the make-up does not include bright colors or qualities that will catch the eye of those, who choose a shoe that will attract attention. This means that the neutral look of the shoe will ensure that it looks the same after doing 10 miles by 100 miles on it.

The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. The lacing system resembles the color of the space above in a very elegant and stylish, yet subtle way. This shoe can be worn not only during your training, every day running time but also every day, when you need to look welcome but still want to stay comfortable.


Although this is a heavyweight trainer who has not been strengthened by a high level of kicking. Some runners may think that this model could withstand long-distance performance and is not strong. However, this is not the case here. On the contrary – many runners have praised the shoe for its durability during marathon. And daily training and have become one of the most well-reviewed models in the series. The midsole is equipped with a full CushIon foam, this foam is known. For its durability and is used by many other shoe manufacturing companies. The outsole is made of Carbon rubber. It is a very durable material that will also provide a high level of pull on the face and will make the shoe last longer.


One of the most important aspects of this model. When it comes to support has been the introduction of the Nike Dynamic Flywire cable technology. The straps are integrated with the lacing system and ensures better, customizable runner. That will support the feet during fast and long running.

The Nike women’s zoom pegasus 32 Airbags on the heel will provide high power return and great comfort. Supporting the runner’s feet along the way. It also plays a key role in changing the pace of the athlete. Providing additional support and helping to gain more speed. Thanks to this minimal folding system, it allows designers to keep their feet close to the ground. Allowing them to achieve a higher level of stability and a better sense of place. A lot of support has been gained with the help of midsole compression which helps to detect step effects.

Location status

This shoe is designed to be used anywhere a runner wants to run. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 is built with Brown Rubber Crash Rails and Carbon Rubber to provide grip maximums in any area. Whether it is raining outside, whether the area is rocky or just asphalt. That means, however, it will feel very comfortable on the road, as the ban on this shoe is not really done in areas. With bad terrain and runners can find discomfort in that area. However, the low cooling of the toe ensures that the stability will feel good enough even in such areas.


The prices of this shoe fall within the range of the shoe price range. It is cheaper than its predecessors and is purchased based on improvements made from previous versions.

The new Nike women’s zoom pegasus 32 is one of the longest running shoes in Nike history, and has now been extended by this model. It is a very well-fitted, heavy shoe that will be perfect for those who prefer neutral shoes for short, powerful and fast performance; however, it can be equally good for long runs, too.

If you would like your shoe to be flat on your feet and offer a medium heel without much support, this is the choice you have to make. This model comes with improved upgrades and more foot support. The end is designed for a runner to achieve great speed. The shield itself is very light and breathable. It’s simpler than its predecessor – the Nike women’s zoom pegasus 32. However, overall the Pegasus Zoom 32 hasn’t changed much, just enough to be better than the previous one, which proves that the series doesn’t keep up with innovation and development.


When it comes to protecting a runner’s feet, this daily running shield should be at the top of the list. As one of the providers of high quality foot protection is the launch of the Nike Flywire cable system. Combined with a seamless strap at the top and integrated into the lacing system. This invention offers a better, customized way to put the shoe on the runner’s feet. ensuring it will not interfere and allow the shoe to fit the feet.

Proper balance will give the runner a reassuring feeling that the shoe will not move or run even in the wrong place. Providing a good ground feel. Extra protection for the runner’s feet is also achieved by using a full midsole foam. That not only provides a good response to the runner. But also contributes to the shock of the feet falling down. 

The same effect is extended using Zoom Air technology. This technology is made of strong reinforcing fibers tied inside the Nike Air pressure unit. This technology not only provides more responsive and powerful performance. But also provides extra protection for the athlete’s foot while running. For the better – the midsole used with a Nike Heel Zoom Air bag fitted inside a sturdy EVA. This technology ensures that the impact of the lower foot penetrates in the best possible way.


The Nike Zoom Air technology made in this shoe provides a high response to the runner. This is a heavy shoe with highly responsive breathing technology that provides spring-like movement for the runner, providing a high level of flexibility. Being much smaller, it brings the foot closer to the ground and provides better stability and sound.

Greater response was also achieved with the help of midsole design and internal linings. The midsole is made with a combination of CushIon Foam and Zoom Air, these two technologies provide good feedback and foot comfort and will provide smooth and smooth movement.


Those who have run into this model have already agreed that this is the most effective model. In terms of comfort and perfect construction. The flexibility of this shoe is not. The seamless upper mesh will provide the best fit for the foot.

While Dynamic Flywire technology will allow you to protect the feet so that the top can stop you. And keep pace with the runner, allowing the runner to feel comfortable. As the foam of the midsole is softer than in the previous model. The flexibility of the Pegasus 32 is also, therefore, increasing.


The stability of this shoe has been achieved through the use of Heel Counter technology. Which provides additional stability by protecting the heel in its place. The heel is also fitted with the Crash Pad which not only reduces the shock of the foot slipping. But also enhances the overall stability of the shoe to the ground. This is reinforced by Nike Zoom Air’s propulsion technology.


The toe heel for the Nike women’s zoom pegasus 32 is 10 mm for men and women. This can be considered a normal descent and will provide better movement. However, if you are familiar with the model of low-end shoes, you should easily go when you break them.

Key Features

  • The upper unit is made of Fly mesh that is breathable, breathable and comfortable for the feet.
  • Integrated Zoom technology in the middle of the midsole to provide greater stiffness and support.
  • Lighter than before.
  • A flexible toe position that allows for the smooth and natural movement of the toes.
  • A sophisticated belt loading mechanism that provides precise proportions as shown in the box.
  • Heeled lower toe that provides anatomic balance to the foot.
  • Integrated Fly mesh and Flywire technology that provides the most secure balance and advanced development.


The Nike women’s zoom pegasus 32 is a neutral, heavy-duty daily trainer. Who continues his long tradition of providing a responsive and smooth ride and reliable comfort for miles behind.

The 32nd Edition of Pegasus retains its long history of being a performance coach.

The seamless, lightweight Flymesh reboot combined with Flywire offers safe security. While the only one providing a smooth ride and good grip.I enjoyed running on the Pegasus 32 and found it as a sturdy shoe for neutral runners. Looking for a performance trainer. Who can deliver smooth and responsive movements whether you pull or run, short runs or run high mileage.

For those runners who have enjoyed the faithful tradition of the Pegasus model. They will enjoy the newly designed high-end enhanced full comfort. While preserving the history of providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

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