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Nike Women’s Flex Experience 10 Running Shoes

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The nike women’s flex experience 10 running shoes is a budget-friendly, entry-level shoe. Designed to run and play, the shoe is a great win for regular runners because it brings flexibility and flexibility. If you want a lightweight coach who looks good and feels comfortable, this is a good fit for the bill. But with extra work, the Flex Experience Run 10 is not the right shoe for you.

Nike Women’s Flex Experience 10 Running Shoes

Nike Women's Flex Experience 10 Running Shoes

Comfortable trainers, who do not lighten my shoes that I go to. I want them to look good and let me go miles.

That’s a long order if you have a size 9 UK / 11.5 US feet! My Nike Flex Experience Run 10 shoes mark all boxes. Here is my honest review after wearing it for 6 months.


  • Not heavy
  • Soft – no cracking
  • Look smart
  • Complimenting large sizes


  • Lack of cushion under the feet
  • Easy to slip and close (preferably unpacking first)
  • Feet can slip on water leaves etc.

How comfortable are they to wear?

These runners are beautiful and soft. No burglary is required. That’s not uncommon for my overly sensitive feet.

They feel lovely and easy to wear again. My size 9 UK / 11.5 US women’s flex experience run 10 shoes weigh 240g.

The feet are really adaptable. There are 11 wavy groove lines straight down one so it can go on your foot. You can easily bend the toe up with your hand.

The surface is a compact material so there is no solid structure. A slightly woven fabric on the front of your foot, more folded on the middle sides of the tongue and more folded behind the third around the opening and heel.

How depressed do they feel?

Surprisingly, these shoes do not have the feeling of springy underfoot that you often find with new runners. When I go outside, they feel like old runners under my feet.

I quickly became disillusioned, since I used to have muscles under my feet. I say that when I need new shoes.

My feet are still well supported though, as I have not had any pain in my feet since wearing these runners. I also had a small frame like a cut under one ball and I was able to walk freely on these runners without feeling it.

I missed the cushion insole at first. It felt really weird on day 1 when I expected to walk over the clouds feeling like I often got it from other lightweight coaches like Skechers. In fact, I was well aware that my lower legs were connected to a paved road. It was a strange feeling.

I wondered if it was a sign that the shoes were prepared for running rather than walking. However, after wearing the first few, that rareness disappeared. Now they feel comfortable and comfortable on my feet.

In contrast to the lack of cushioning underfoot, the shoe collar feels very comfortable. The back heel is fully lined without a solid inner form. The cushioning continues right around the shoe opening. The upper lashes are very high so you get this lovely soft support around your ankle. Cushioning slows down with aging, but it still feels good.

What do they look like?

I like the look of these coaches, especially in this magenta color. Nike calls it Fireberry.

They look better in real life than on a website. The color and finish are really hidden. Most runners are a wonderful mix of pinky magenta and gray charcoal. This gives an impressive tweed effect in a sophisticated way.

These are very smart people looking for coaches and they look very clean. The woven and light black parts break your foot well. Mixing colors and textures is one of the top tips for picking shoes that flatter large feet.

For the brilliance of the brand, the famous swoosh favors both sides with a magenta accent color. There is also a nike logo at the top of the tongue surrounded by a bright triangle (3.5 cm about square). But because the straps are tied at the top of the tongue, this large logo is not fully visible to the wearer, especially when tying the straps normally with a visible bow.

Better Details

There is a back-loop loop to help you run the runners. It’s not just a decoration here. Since the back of the heel is very soft and not tightened with a hard insert (heel counter), it is helpful to insert your finger into the loop to pull the back of the shoe fully up.

Because the back of these runners are soft and the straps are fastened with shoes, you cannot slip or untie them without loosening the straps. I’m lazy so I remember this, but it might help them to stay for a while.

Speaking of ropes, I really like them. They feel premium. They are not ordinary broad cotton cords. Instead the lace is more oval, folded on each side by a rim with hidden ribs. I thought that was just a style choice, but I found that these strings are always tied with a single knot.

With some trainers, I often change the color of the lace to give them a stylish or feminine look, but these straps are perfect as they are.

Real World Wear Test (6 months onwards)

I have been wearing these runners for many days from March-July 2021, traveling 30-45 miles a week for them. And I still wear them every 6 months and they still go strong.

I find them very comfortable and they are my long walking shoes. My feet still feel good at the end of the 8km journey in these. I’m not a sports person, so I like to sit in the middle, but that’s not the shoes. 😊 After the same trip to other coaches, I may be bitten off of them and lifted off my feet, but not with these.

I have even washed them with a few showers and my feet are dry. Looking up, I would not expect them to get wet in heavy rain.

Aside from wiping around the white soles, they still look new and more. I don’t see any fabric marks but the effect of a 2 color fabric can help hide them. Here is a picture of what my runners and one look like after wearing it every 6 months:

Is Flex Experience Run 10 true in size?

I am a shoe size 9 UK and I usually wear a size 9 on Nike sneakers. This flexible women running 10s running experience is true in size and fits me well.

My feet are on the wide side of normal proportions and the width feels right to me as well. My feet do not feel blocked or pressure from the edges.

These running shoes are marked with size 9 UK, 11.5 US, 44 EU and 28.5 cm inside the tongue.

Shoe size guidelines can mislead sports genres, including Nike. With most shoe styles your foot lengths can be the best guide, but that doesn’t work well in sports shoes in my experience. By following the Nike women’s shoe size guide, I will be size 8.5 UK too, but I always need 9 UK.

So stick to your standard Nike size here. If you are new to the brand, I would suggest you try out your unusual shoe size.

Who should buy the Nike Flex Experience Run 10

Think of your friend’s Nike Flex Experience 10 if you:

  • you want a casual running shoe for everyday running and casual wear
  • you need an affordable running shoe
  • he likes running shoes that can be twice as much with exercise training


If you are looking for a shoe that is meant to go fast, the Nike Flex Experience Run 10 is not a shoe.

Nike Flex Experience Run 10: Flexible

In line with its name, the Nike Flex Experience has a unique flexible unit (thanks to flex grooves) that are paired with an expandable upper. Together, they allow for high movement, which creates a natural sense of movement.

Smooth feeling

Many have reported that the shoe wraps the foot slightly and safely, they had no problems with rubbing the skin or blisters.

All rounder

According to some users, the Flex Experience Run 10 is also great for walking, running, and exercise sessions.

The nike women’s flex experience 10 looks really good

Many inspectors have recommended the shoe look and feel modern. Some have described the color as “hidden enough not to make too much noise.”

The Final Decision

In conclusion, of  nike women’s flex experience 10 running shoes. If you are looking for comfortable runners who can easily be worn, these Nike flex trainers may be the right fit. They look stylish and flattering with big feet. Surprisingly just the lack of a protective insole, but they still feel happy.

For the next 6 months, I was very happy with my purchase and still tired of my runners. I look forward to traveling many miles on them even now. I will update this post next time to let you know how long they last.

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