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Nike Swift 2 Running Shoes Review 2021

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Nike Running Shoes

Today we are reviewing a Nike running shoe that is called Nike swift 2 running shoes. These are awesome running shoes for this season.

Nike Swift 2 Running Shoes Review 2021


Budget, luxury, and style are all wrapped up in one simple design. The Nike Swift 2 running shoe is an entry-level shoe with some decent features and features that give it an expensive look and afford.


  • It’s breathing
  • The truth about size
  • Wide toe box
  • Translated language
  • Outstanding durable outsole
  • Price
  • Mixed language


  • Hard ride
  • Medium foot
  • It’s hard

Who should not buy it

Do not buy this shoe if you:

You want a fast and easy shoe for race day or long-distance running. Check out the Nike Zoom Fly 4.

You want a soft, versatile shoe for the day. Watch the Nike Swift 2 running shoes Invincible Run.

You want something high-tech with the latest technology. Check out the New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2.

The Nike Swift 2 features a wide toe box

Nike swift 2 running shoes are slim in the middle of the foot and is challenging to move on for people with wide feet, but one of them surprisingly has more space in the hand of the expected foot box.

Nike Running Shoes


The Nikes tend to work tightly, and this one fits a little with a wide range of foot shapes. The Toebox measures 99.3mm in diameter while the average shoe is only 98.4, while the heel remains smaller than the average of 74.8mm (75.4mm average here).

A nice feature is the webbing lacing design that ensures tight closure and zero foot slip inside the shoe.

Lastly, a full tongue helps the shoe to hold your foot and leads to firmness, a tight fit that eliminates any movement.

Comfort on budget

In fact, with a budget shoe, it is best to be comfortable. When I first tried this shoe I didn’t think it was a budget trainer, we felt superior to what we are.

A focused ankle collar and tongue help to hug your foot without hot spots.

There is a lot of foam under the feet and that reduces the impact on running. With a foam of 33.7mm below the heel and a 7.5mm drop, this shoe looks great. The foam is extremely strong, at 26.0HA (the shoe size is 22.8HA) with a lot of giving and finishing.

Ride the Nike Swift 2 Running Shoes

This shoe sits in the centre of the strength scale, measuring 39.5N in our test. The middle shoes change to 38.8N which means this shoe will not surprise many runners.

Nike Running Shoes


It has a normal and durable ride, not peppy or bouncy like new, lightweight shoes, but for those from older shoes, this is an advantage as there will be no time to get used to it.

Honestly, to me, it’s not fair and I don’t want to run this thing longer than a hobby, but where I dig it is like downtown. I actually think they look fun and feel good enough to wear around.

Another good thing is that this shoe seemed a little too tight in our refrigerator tests. Flex is affected by only 3% compared to the average shoe strength by 35.3% at cold temperatures.

Weight Nike Swift 2 Running Shoes


Run Swift 2 is not all that fast … At 10.3 ounces (291g) it is stronger than a lightweight and nimble shoe built for speed.

Also, this I see as a more efficient sneaker than a real running shoe because of the weight here.

Tightness and grip

The shoe appears to be well-constructed with a pile of heated overhead to keep garbage out and serve as an additional layer of protection against scratches.


The rubber outsole is lined with 4.4mm thick (average outsoles are only 3.5mm), and the rubber is rigid at 88.5HC on the durometer (compared to the average 80.5HC), which means the shoe should be slightly worn and be Ensenada. of life.

The outsole also has 2.2mm logs which give it extra grip in various locations. This shoe is comfortable in the trim and in the soft soles, which is a good feature of an all-encompassing style like this.

The breathing was amazingly good

The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.

Nike Swift 2 Running Shoes is designed for daytime activities

Again, like most Nike budget shoes, there are no flash elements in Run Swift 2, which means you need to be very careful when you run out in the dark.

The Nike Swift 2 Running Shoes is a benefit

At $ 70 I think there is actually a good price on this shoe. It’s more comfortable and has a higher-end feeling than Quest 4 or Downshifter 11, and I like the old-fashioned, refined style too.

I think if you need a simple daily trainer or cheap sneakers in town, Run Swift 2 is a must-see.


The Nike Swift 2 running shoes are built with the long-lasting comfort of the average runner. The weaving in the middle of the foot connects the ropes so that they fit securely, while only the rubber brings a reliable pull. The thick foam midsole and breathable mesh line ensure good strides wherever you go.

To get more Nike shoe reviews to stay with us.

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