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Nike Running Shoes Green Review 2021

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Hey buddy, Are you looking for Nike running shoe green for this winter season? Are you a green lover? Cool, today we are going to review the top 5 Nike running shoes green review 2021.  Hope you will get suitable shoes for you from these 5 shoes. So, no more late…..Let’s get started…..!

Nike Running Shoes Green Review 2021


  1.  The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Green Shoes
  2. Nike Zoom Fly 3 Green Shoes
  3. Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% Green Shoes
  4. The Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 Green Shoes
  5. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Green Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Green Shoes


It’s the first shoes of Nike running shoes green review. If there is one thing we can remove from Pegasus 38, that is the GOAT for all workhorse shoes in our arsenal! Flourishing with comfort, stability, and pop, it does it all from slow-moving days, tempo times, and even gym exercises. If you want to run fun, take Pegasus any day!


  • They are wider than previous models
  • Happy, stable midsole
  • Peppy Release
  • Kiss your feet
  • Mounted on top
  • Long-lasting


  • It runs warm
  • You feel heavy
  • A small fit

Laboratory Testing

The Nike Pegasus 38 is a cool daily trainer with a stable midsole and a peppy ride. This shoe can be your slim day shoe, your tempo shoe, and your workout shoe, basically, it can do it all.

Who’s the shoe (not) for?

Not everyone needs a shoe bag, some prefer to have one that can do everything. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 fills that role well thanks to thoughtful updates from Nike.

The Peg 38 gets a slightly wider toe box and a heel cup deeper than the Pegasus 37, problems that hold the last repetition of this shoe. If you are looking for a comfortable trainer with a pep workout speed and a pillow for slow-moving days, this might be your shoe.

Do not buy Peg 38 if:

  • He has a very wide foot. The Nikes still tend to go a little slow in my opinion, and although the Peg 38 is wider than the previous repetition it is not a very big shoe.
  • He runs at warm temperatures. The revised surface is dense and horizontal, and slightly heated.
  • You expect this to be a very light day race shoe. Not at all. Check out Vaporfly Next% 2 for a real racing shoe.

It is wide but still large

I’ve never really been comfortable in Nike shoes, they all seem too small in the middle of the foot for me. I would agree if the Pegasus 38 worked for me, it is thanks to an updated toe box that has got a little more space and more flexible materials that take on a variety of foot shapes.

NIKE Running Shoes


Although we were the same size, I probably wouldn’t have chosen this shoe for a long time as it still felt solid, so if you have really wide feet, you might want to consider another style. Try Saucony Ride 14, it sounds too wide.

Plush comfort with pep

If you look beyond the width of the middle foot, this shoe was incredibly comfortable. The surface is glamorous and hugs your footwell.

A socks-like design is not limited or difficult to wear, which most people deal with as a sock. The midsole is soft enough to make your feet happy, and the Zoom Air unit adds cushion pep under your front foot.

The only downside to the comfort of the Pegasus 38 is that it almost seems like a mix between a t-shirt and a running shoe for me. The thick, horizontal surface is thick and feels like a heavy blanket around your feet, which makes me want to take these to the gym rather than go out for a long time.

The Peg 38 has a peppy ride and makes you smile

The Nike React Midsole is soft but not as tight as the ZoomX. And it is not very soft, it does not hinder your performance as a very mixed recovery shoe.

Combine the React midsole with Nike’s Zoom Air unit, and you have a static pitch that pops out of the toes. I think this is a good combo, and it is really fun to run.

I have been comparing this to Vaporfly very much in my mind, they look the same, both of my test pairs were white, and have a long pointed tail.

And I see Pegasus as a good compliment to Vaporfly on the entire Nike list.

What I like about the Pegasus though it is very stable under the feet, with a 109.5mm wide front, and 80.7mm heel, it has an extra measuring platform, which was required from Vaporfly.

If it were lighter weight

Another downside to the Pegasus 38 is its height. This is not a lightweight shoe.

NIKE Running Shoes


At 10.25 ounces (291g) there are a lot of easy trainers every day out there, the average weighs 9.6 ounces. The shoe feels heavy, time.

Nike needs to find a way to get this for 9 ounces to be the shoe I can wear every day.

Walk longer and farther away from Pegasus 38B

Nike has built a solid shoe here, and I think it will go 400-500 miles. The React midsole at 19.5HA on the durometer is 18% softer than average but looks tight and controlled under the feet and I don’t see it packing prematurely.

There is also a solid 3.97mm solid outsole (87.5HC on the durometer – 11% stronger than average) that should wear out slightly.

You can even beat the dirt

One thing I love about this shoe is the outsole has 2.32mm lugs, which gives us great grip and the ability to hit the non-technical dirt when wild hair catches you.

For me, this is a good thing as I tend to run in the dirt on the side of the road in long attempts as the impact is a little easier on my legs.

Pegasus 38 runs hot

Another major trick in the review of Pegasus 38 is the top. It’s just too thick. It sounds gorgeous on your feet, but it is warm and does not breathe well.

I wish Nike could reconsider this top and just go with a mesh built-in one layer, lose weight and warmth all of one sudden.

Enough lock is better than previous versions

Closing the shoe is enough. There is still a slippery slope, but my heels are slipping into many shoes. The key here is that Nike fixed the real problems in the heel department the Peg 37 had, but for me, they still need to move forward.

However, in addition to the midfoot, the shoe performs very well. A fully immersive tongue helps lock your foot in, and the webbing lacing pattern evenly distributes the pressure from the shoe down to the solid board keeping your foot firmly in place.

NIKE Running Shoes


Thick, flat straps also fit well, keeping the pressure low at the top of your foot when combined with a 5.6mm finished tongue.

They are always beautiful and strong too, measuring 29.3N in our lace slip test, which is more than 25.3N.

The Nike Zoom Fly 3 Green Shoes


This is the 2nd shoes of Nike running shoes green review. If you are looking for a speed training shoe, it is wiser to consider the Nike Zoom Fly 3! It was designed to explode, and it felt like that in our run. It is not very soft and not very strong, it provides a quick ride. Balanced cushioning also benefits the durability of the shoe – it can consume many miles! All in all, the Zoom Fly 3 is a shoe that really stood out to us from time to time as well as the tempo session


  • Good propulsion
  • Excellent design
  • Vaporwave is light and breathable


  • The reaction foam is strong
  • Higher price tag

How the Nike Zoom Fly came to glory

3rd Shoes of Nike running shoes green review. Back when the fastest shoes were running flats, just before the foam madness and the length of the big stakes and dynamic plates.

At the time, when we were concerned about the weight and the very small top, the Nike Zoom Fly, and the Vaporfly 4% made a splash in the quo range of running shoes.

The Nike Zoom Fly existed before this, but in 2017 with the release of the Vaporfly 4%, Zoom Fly became the daily trainer / cheapest choice shoe ever made by Nike at the time.

With the release of Nike Vaporfly Next%, its younger brother received a review, taking design and colour ideas from the fastest Nike offering at the time.

The Nike Zoom Fly 3 looks fast even when standing

Zoom Fly 3 is designed to look fast sitting in your closet; looks like they are going to leave. I actually prefer this look to a slightly higher look for Next.

The addition of a new Vaporweave makes for a jump to form and function. This new product from Nike helps to reduce weight loss.

NIKE Running Shoes


The material works as advertised, providing spill resistance and breathability. This is achieved by having a micro-perforated mesh that feels plastic but helps with the intended purpose.

Vaporwave has a very intricate flag design that is reminiscent of car racing, but it is a very subtle detail.

A variety of materials make for a busy overhaul, but it is overcome by simple lines and clean design. All lines go from front to back, with flowing patterns.

There is a standard mesh behind the outer layer of Vaporwave to support the shape.

The midsole is lightly painted with a gradient colour effect to enhance that sense of flow.

The heel counter is pointy, and the bottom of the heel is facing upwards in the same way as large cars with rear air vents. This model is certainly inspired by cars.

The back of the heel looks like a rear wind diver from an outdoor sports car.

The feel of the Nike Zoom Fly Green Shoes

On foot, the softness of the midsole is noticeable, but the shoes do not sink like Vaporfly Next%. The React Foam is stronger than the Nike Epic React, probably due to the firmness Launchpad offers to prevent torsion on the side.

Usually, this shoe feels soft but firm, but not in a bad way.

I have tried running for a long time, and the ride is well held all the way. This shoe really shines with minimal performance and tempo, where the stride angle of attack is very much in line with the shape of the shoe.

How to ride this Nike speedster

The most compelling feature to work with is the React midsole. This sounds even softer than the previous Nike Zoom Fly Flynit.

While Nike quietly returns to the “carbon-encrusted” or “Launchpad plate, which works as requested, it provides durability and mobility when hitting from the centre.

The weight is very low at 9.65oz in size 10 for men. This is great considering the height of the 23mm front and 34mm heel on the heel with a subtle 11mm offset that will put you right on the edge of your toes.

This shoe is so forward-striking that the amount of rubber on the heel is reduced without a noticeable difference in performance.

The rubber on the outsole is neatly arranged in the most common poor areas wearing a neutral shoe.

The heel rubber is placed directly on the areas only where the neutral runner can wear the outsole. The arch area and the middle of the heel produce React foam, which holds the dress well.

For a little extra, the Nike Zoom Fly 3 grips the footwell thanks to the neoprene Bootie that wraps the foot all the way to the insole. Flywire’s are gone, which I think we may never see again in the flagship model.

The Neoprene boot offers support, medium lock, and comfort.


I find this shoe strong and durable. The only drawback I see is the softness (or a little bit of it) of the foam.

React foam has been somewhat stronger since the days of the marshmallowy Epic React all-foam method, it seems the React is getting thicker, perhaps to improve durability.

NIKE Running Shoes


This “bad” thing is why ZoomX Foam is reserved for Vaporfly Next% and will soon enter the Alphafly line. To always want more, at a very high price.



Nik e Air Zoom Alphafly Next% Green Shoes


The 3rd shoes of Nike running shoes green review. Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% is a race shoe that has brought us closer to the streets! It’s fast, it’s dull, and it’s easy – everything’s fine with speed. With its rising value, it is for runners who only care about hitting PBs and nothing else. With a race shoe, it’s amazing. When we got to the ground, our feet felt as if they were stepping on marshmallows!


  • The truth about size
  • It’s very simple
  • Riding bouncy and responsive
  • It’s breathing
  • Carbon-plated
  • Very good catch


  • Not for miles away
  • Unstable court
  • Heel slippery
  • It feels tight in the middle of the foot

Whose shoe is this (not)

  • This is a race day shoe, perfect for:
  • Spinning or Neutral midfoot for former strike athletes
  • Runners cannot run fast and hold fast
  • Runners who like a lot of pillows between their feet and the running area

For runners who run or hit heels, check out the list of stable running shoes. For those who prefer a heel-toe reduction, check out these shoes with a 9mm to 12mm heel drop.

Provides high, bouncy cushioning

If you are not used to running in a very cushioned shoe, you will need to get used to it. Running in this shoe is like running – bouncing – on small trampolines. Since this is a race day shoe, it is made up of a front strike, not a heel strike, so the rubber on the heel is small. The few times I found myself sitting on my heel, it was very flexible, like marshmallows.

These shoes are the simplest shoes I have ever worn. They make you want to run fast, even forcing you to move forward, in the middle to the front, pushing you forward with a responsive boost.

Alphafly Next% is exactly the size and size

The length of the shoes is good and fits snugly to my feet. The middle foot is so small that I have a hard time getting the shoes on my feet. However, if I do that, they may completely kiss my feet.

The only hot spot I saw was after an 8.5-mile exercise, the inside of my left armpit was uncomfortable. Also, this is due to the very small “waist” foot and the pressure applied to my hips after exercise.

The toe box is wide enough to allow for considerable movement and flexibility, but the midfoot is locked tight.

Not to go

These shoes are built for speed, nothing more. Do not wear these days with simple days, as they are not what they were created to be. I did not even feel comfortable walking in them.

Not the runners who prefer the reduction of the heels to the toes

The stack length is 39mm on the heel and 35mm on the front, which gives a 4mm drop. This does not lighten the load on the calf, so if you are accustomed to going downhill, you may not like this shoe.

Nike Alphafly Next% is the only race day shoe

It is a good idea to try on shoes for a few miles to make sure you know what to expect on race day. But, because they are not built to last hundreds and hundreds of miles, and because they are expensive, it is best to save the race day. If you do not plan to run very well, lower your PB, or give up everything you have, I will save this for you someday.

Alphafly Next% is unstable to instant switches

I tested this shoe in many different places, including asphalt, concrete, and track. Although track areas combined with shoe bumps provided an incredible area of ​​speed, the turn of the track caused some instability. The above is not designed to handle rapid turns.

A light running shoe with a feather

I wear a size 12 and the shoe weighs 264 grams (9.3 oz). While these are not the easiest racing shoes made by Nike or other manufacturers, they do not weigh too much considering all the technology included.

NIKE Running Shoes


The surface is viscous with a breathable mesh, the foam is very light, leaving the end of the extra weight area on the Zoom Air pods. For a clunkier, high-top shoe with air pods, these shoes look amazing.

Decent firmness

After a few runs, I do not see any ageing, so I suspect they can live anywhere from 150 to 300 miles. But, considering the high price tag, I kept them for a special event to release personal records.

There is no time to “break” these shoes, as they are durable and running long can damage the outsole and foam.

Catching light on the streets

On the streets, this shoe shines. The grip is very good, assuming you sit in the front where a large amount of rubber outsole is located.

Heel slippery

The straps are very light, and there are no extra holes at the top to keep the heel in place. To provide heel closure, there is an extra pillow behind the heel, just below the column.

The whole is one part and there is no language. I need to tie the ropes down and tighten them tight so that I feel secure. Still, I felt that they were not strong enough to make me feel secure.




Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 Green Shoes


4th shoes of Nike running shoes green review. Designed for everyday running, the Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 works best for short, slow running. It is empty but comfortable and lasts a long time. But if it is a stylish, smooth trainer to follow, this shoe is worth the credit! And along the way, this shoe is biting. Even better, it is easy to install and close!


  • Wireless design
  • Holds well in dry areas
  • It’s breathing
  • Easy to install/close
  • Stylish and looks good


  • You are not comfortable
  • It can provide blisters
  • Not socks
  • Uncertainty
  • It is not stable on sharp curves

Who should buy it

Buy this if you are looking for a good looking short running shoe, with a low speed.

Who should not buy it

Do not buy this if:

  • comfort and durability are a priority for you (Nike Pegasus 38 is recommended for these things)
  • you need a long-distance running shoe (Nike ZoomX Invincible Run is recommended for long-distance running)

The Phantom Run Flyknit 2 Green Shoes is NOT comfortable at all

I finished the 12-mile run with the shoe in a comfortable 8-mile space at the speed of each mile, but it was never without some pain. I wore socks as I ran, but I could still feel the back of the heel rubbing against the back of the shoe.

NIKE Running Shoes


The pain began to increase as I ran longer. By the time I finished, both of my heels were covered with blood.

Not socks

The Phantom Run Flyknit 2 has no tongue and shoelaces. You might think it would work without socks, but I would strongly recommend wearing socks with a shoe. Without socks, even when walking, you can feel the back of your heel rubbing against the back of the shoe.

It can provide blisters

I usually do not get blisters on my shoes when I run. And have run with many different running shoes from brands like Asics, Adidas, Brooks, and Saucony. I have not had blisters for years. The shoe, however, is the first running shoe I have tried without the shoelaces. Still, I would not recommend these long-distance running shoes.

Lack of space

I ran about 1000 feet straight up a few miles to see how the shoes ran up. I never heard the shoe come out. You just can’t get out of shoes.

I ran 90-degree courses to see how they held on. When I turned around, my feet felt slippery, and my outer ankle was facing outward. You can really roll an ankle because of the slide. My feet slide into the shoe facing outwards as if the soles of my feet touch the side of the shoe and not the bottom.

It looks good and is stylish

The Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 looks great and has great style. The first thing you notice is the wireless design. You will never have to worry about your shoes coming off untied during the run.

Squeeze well in dry and hard areas

The shoe grips well and feels really nice to run straight on the roads, especially in tight, dry areas. There’s a good ride, and you may feel like you can run a long distance at fast speeds until something else stops you.

The Phantom Run Flyknit 2 is not solid

The shoes do not look very strong in contrast to the other shoes on the street there. I already see signs of aging below just two weeks and 30 miles.

I am not sure how long the tightness will last to keep the shoes worn. It’s just like the rubber belts that keep the shoes open while you run because there are no straps. I feel like I’m already stretching because my feet are slipping between my shoes.

The Nike Phantom Run Flyknit 2 is breathable

The surface of the shoe is very comfortable and breathable. Depending on the socks you wear, your feet should never be too hot in a shoe.

It is easy to put on and take off

It is advantageous not to have to deal with ropes. There is a loop where the tongue can help pull the shoes, which works very well. Taking off shoes is a wind that does not face a two-knot tire.

The inside of the shoe is smooth. This helps with putting on the shoe, but it allows your feet to slip while running.



The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Green Shoes


Last shoes of Nike running shoes green review. Year after year, the Nike Pegasus gets even better! And Peg 36 is still our decision for a reliable horse.

NIKE Running Shoes


From recovery, tempo, to long-distance running, can handle everything! Right off the bat, she’s fat, but it’s all in the name of luxury. It’s also a sturdy shoe that can go for miles of delicate, and ensures it keeps its signature strong!


  • A large amount of money
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • A little difference in the annual ride


  • High is not as good as Peg 35
  • Uncomfortable midsole
  • Not a fun ride

Why is the Nike Pegasus so popular?

From the vast, open plains of South Africa to the dense concrete forests of Singapore, you can bet on your low dollar that anywhere, at any time of the day, you will pass by at least a handful of people wearing Nike Pegasus.

The popularity of Nike Pegasus is due to three main reasons:

Priced: at $ 120 Pegasus is a hot coin. You get a shoe that will last a long time and is less than the limited number of modern running shoes.

Consistent: always know what kind of ride you will get with the Pegasus. If you blindfolded me and made me run in any version of the Pegasus, I would tell you I was running in Pegasus — the ride is so different.

It is widely available. Most supermarkets have a Nike store, and all Nike stores carry Pegasus. Pegasus is also available through a list of retailers of foreign companies and online stores.

Every second year a major update where the midsole, outsole, and above all change. Pegasus 36 is the middle year when it is only updated at the top. Some may view Nike’s approach as “if it doesn’t break, don’t repair it”.

But, I think Nike should add more risk and replace the top, midsole, and outsole every year: it keeps things new and fresh. And it’s not like Nike can’t buy new mould and equipment every year to make a brand new shoe.

The much-anticipated Pegasus 37 is rumoured to have a React midsole instead of Cushlon. This should make the shoe soft and light.

I have run on all Pegasus since Pegasus 30, and after the Pegasus run, no matter what version, I think to myself that this is the perfect gold shoe.

Strong but not too strong, stable but uncontrollable, heavy but not too heavy. Even the price is not too cheap or too expensive. Everything about the shoe is “okay.” Now some may see this as boring; others may see it as irrelevant.

More and more comfort

The big difference between the Pegasus 35 and 36 is high. The language loses its padding and becomes a racial language. This change makes the Pegasus 36 less roomy than the Pegasus 35.

I prefer more than 35 for a luxurious look. I have narrow legs, so I prefer a good fit. The 36th language is also very short, so it slides down with a run.

The Nike Vomero 14 had the same language as the Pegasus 36, but Nike released a second version of the Vomero 14 in a compact, longer language. This is proof that Nike realizes that they made a mistake in the language of their latest shoes.

NIKE Running Shoes


Synthetic mesh has holes to enhance breathing. There are Flywire straps in the midfoot to provide support and a moulded heel counter that burns away from the foot at the top.

I found my heel sliding slightly even though I tied the straps with a heel key and was very tight. Heel slippery was not as bad as the React Infinity Run Flyknit, but it was still there.

The most exciting thing about this is the Tokyo-inspired floral print. It is similar to two different parts of Tokyo: new and old.

Ride a Nike Pegasus 36

My favourite Pegasus was 35 because it went better than previous versions thanks to the Zoom Air full-length package. Versions 33 and 34 had front wheels with lumps where the Zoom Air front pockets were located.

The Pegasus 36 has the same midsole as the 35, and while you may not really feel the Zoom Air unit because it is so small, it is comforting to know that it already exists.

The Pegasus 36 is one of the few Nike running shoes that still uses its old Cushlon foam technology that sounds flat. Can’t jump or soften their React foam with ZoomX. The Cushlon midsole makes the Pegasus 36 ride a very ‘old school’.

I’ve been on a variety of different runs on my Pegasus 36, which includes rescue, tempo, and long-running. The Pegasus 36 was able to hold them all but feels much better at shorter running speeds than 15km, less than 6 minutes per kilometre.

The longest race I could take on a Pegasus 36 was 25km for easy running, and while my feet felt good, my legs and whole body felt tired, and I couldn’t wait to finish my run.

The transition is very smooth thanks to the Zoom Air full-length unit, one-piece midsole and full contact outsole.

Outstanding durable outsole

My favourite part of the Pegasus 36 is the hands under the outsole. This shoe outstanding durable outsole from other Nike running shoe green. It is made of strong carbon that can compete with the most durable rubber in the world. It is the same outsole transferred from the Pegasus 35, so it still holds up well in wet and dry areas.

The outer heel area is divided into metal that carries a significant impact if you are a heel striker.

It’s a fully connected outsole, so I expect to get at least 1000km of running outside of the Pegasus 36.

At Pegasus 35, in the rear, the midsole is separated from the outer rubber. So far, I have never had that on Pegasus 36 but take a closer look.

Nice flex

The shoe shifts forward and quickly backs into place. This makes Pegasus very good at running tempo. The Zoom Air unit is full length so to make the shoe more flexible, Nike has reduced the thickness of the Zoom Air unit.

How strong is the Pegasus 36

The strong, low to low midsole ensures that the Pegasus is a very stable shoe. There is no bias, and there is some comforting under arch support for the pronators. You can hear it while you are walking, but you cannot hear it when you are running.




Conclusion Of Nike Running Shoes Green

This is the conclusion of the Nike running shoes green review. Today we have reviewed the top 5 Nike running shoes green review 2021. Here we have tried to explain about these 5 shoes good and bad side, hope you will be getting enough information about this 5 Nike running green shoes. Now decision yours, before buying it please read again the review and compare with others shoes. You need to buy something that is suitable for you. If you really want to buy green shoes so, these 5 shoes best option for you. You can order one or more shoes from our given link. We are not shoes selling shop or agency we just review shoes and for our visitors, we show where shoes are available.

Shop your shoes from home in the time of covid-19.

To get this type of review and informative content stay with us. Have a nice day. Thank You……!

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