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Nike revolution 3 running shoes review

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The new Nike Revolution 3 is an excellent addition to the Revolution series. Although it is a neutral running shoe, it offers good flexibility and response while being extremely supportive.

Thanks to the rubber outsole, it is extremely durable and with the addition of deep Flex Grooves, it offers flexibility as a professional. The Phylon foam midsole has the right amount of flexibility while still being strong and responsive.

The surface also has some improvement with its compact material that is spaced, very breathable but strong and supportive as well.

Customers have embraced the new look again, which is more modern and minimal. The shoes look cool and stylish, making them not only suitable for running, but also for everyday use.

Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoes Review


For runners looking for a neutral running shoe for common training purposes, the Nike Revolution 3 is a good choice. Runners who tried the shoe liked the way we felt and said it was a good buy around. Even non-runners find themselves attracted and fall into Nike Revolution 3. The reviews are very good and very little that you do not like about the shoe. It is a good choice for anyone who wants a reliable and comfortable shoe, whether it is training to run or walk with a dog. It comes with a variety of attractive colour options and lasts a long time.

Only two negatives? There is not enough arch support for very high runners and the insole is not removable so stick to it. Some may be tired of the tight midsole cushioning but that is a personal preference. Remember, it is not intended to be a highly flexible shoe. If you are looking for a long-distance trainer, you may want to consider a shoe with minimal padding. If not, the Nike Revolution 3 is a good choice for runners who want to train for their first 5Kor 10K or experienced runners who want to pass half the marathon training season without getting hurt.


  • She is very relaxed
  • Response, strong bending
  • Wide toe box
  • Flexible design
  • Not heavy
  • It lasts a long time
  • Good balance
  • Lack of arch support
  • The insole cannot be removed


The Nike Revolution 3 Running SHoes has an outsole made of durable rubber material and incorporates deep Flex Grooves that make the outsole extremely flexible while providing excellent grip and drag to the user. Whether it is in a dry or wet area, this shoe performs well under different weather conditions and is ideal for long-distance running and casual use.

Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoes

Many customers have praised Revolution 3 as one of the longest-running and responsive running shoes he has ever tried.


The midsole of the Revolution 3 is made of Phylon foam, which provides excellent comfort while maintaining its stability and responsiveness. It is also very flexible, so the user will enjoy an easy and hot ride in this shoe. Nike also added a moulded foam insole to the midsole unit to improve the comfort and responsiveness of the Revolution 3 that the user-provided. This insole is not removable, which can be a problem for users with custom orthotics who like to put them in their running shoes. Another thing to keep in mind, though, is that the Revolution 3 is a neutral running shoe, so it does not have the best arch support, which can be bad news for people with more problems. However, if you are looking for a neutral running shoe with mid-arch support, Revolution 3 is for you.


The new sports Revolution 3 has a high-performance mesh with a combination of breathability and comfort in a very different way. Perhaps the most innovative upper part is the toe box that incorporates mesh panels, which allow air to circulate freely and help control the temperature inside the shoe, allowing the feet to breathe and stay dry during use. Thick, but lightweight material was added to the front parts and heels of the shoe to improve durability and support, many customers were satisfied with it since the shoe lasted longer without signs of ageing. The language and collar of the Revolution 3 add extra pads to reduce stiffness and stability.


The Nike Revolution 3 comes with a wide range of standard running shoes with its own weight. The male model comes in at 8.8 ounces and the female model at 7.3 ounces. This small weight is explained by the minimized midsole cushioning, which many customers enjoyed.


Revolution 3 is a lightweight and breathable running shoe due to its compact material. The upper consists of spaced panels, which facilitate air circulation in the shoe, as well as temperature control, while the front and heel parts are tightened for added strength and support.


Revolution 3 is recommended by many users as one of the most comfortable shoes they have and it is not surprising. The top of the Revolution 3 is extremely breathable and smooth. The tongue and collar include extra attachments, which help to keep the ankles stable and free of bumps.

Nike Running Shoes


People with wide feet will enjoy Revolution 3 and as it has a wide toe box that accommodates users with normal foot size. The moulded foam insole provides extra bouncy emotional elasticity, while also providing adequate user support and thanks to Flex Grooves on the outsole, this shoe is very flexible and moves naturally on foot.

Revolution 3 is a great running shoe for short and long distances but regular users will be satisfied with the level of comfort and support this shoe brings.


With the new Revolution 3, Nike has decided to go with the design of lightweight. Low-top running shoes for a nice and stylish finish. Revolution 3 comes with a variety of colour schemes for men and women alike. So there should be something for everyone in this collection. The great thing about Revolution 3 is that it is a versatile shoe that can be worn for running or just for everyday use. Because it is very easy to style because of its simple yet practical look.


Revolution 3 is a very fast/everyday running shoe due to its versatile materials and ingenious design. That is, the rubber outsole is highly resistant to scratches and is worn by users. The midsole, while very sturdy, also offers excellent flexibility and flexibility and retains its flexibility for a long time, much to the delight of many users. Mesh uppers tend to have a bad rep, as this type of material tends to tear, however, Nike found a clever way to combat this with the addition of a well-designed performance cluster that allows the shoe to retain its breath while adding to its support. and durability.


When it comes to defence, Revolution 3 is not lacking. A strong, rubber outsole is very durable and will not wear out even after heavy use. In addition, the deep Flex Grooves provide excellent flexibility, while the rubber material equips. The wearer to pull and hold on wet and dry surfaces alike.

NIKE Running Shoes


The midsole is an excellent way to pull the shock due to its strong but flexible nature and helps to release areas. That have a high impact on stress, such as the ankles and knees. Thus preventing injury. Even the top is designed to sit with a mixed mesh.  Very breathable but very strong and supports the upper areas of the feet. The collar attached to the language of the Revolution 3 helps to keep the ankles strong without causing blisters and irritation.


The new Nike Revolution 3 reaction comes from its midsole design. Nike decided to combine two seemingly contradictory features, flexibility and durability in its Revolution 3 model. The midsole of this shoe gives the user excellent cushioning and support at the same time, which many running shoes fail to perform. This means that Revolution 3 provides enough flexibility so that the runner will feel connected down while the cushioning keeps the movement light and cool.


Revolution 3 is praised by many as an excellent supporting shoe, thanks to its Phylon foam midsole, which not only provides a strong bend but also a great shock absorber. In addition, the mixed mesh above embraces the feet and gives a sense of comfort to the user.

The stiff collar and the tongue of the shoe help keep the ankles smooth and secure during use, which many customers appreciate. However, it is not the best option for people who need proper arch support.


The new Revolution 3 running shoes will do well in any normal running environment, such as walking, tarmac or tracks, but it is advisable to stop using the tracks immediately. One unit provides excellent grip and grip in common areas and the top will keep the feet safe and strong. However, if left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.


Many customers agree that the Nike Revolution 3 has a reasonable price, considering what you get for your money. Revolution 3 is a very durable, lightweight shoe with a very simple and modern look, which casual runners and casual wear enjoyed.


Thanks to Revolution 3’s rubber outsole, this running shoe offers a great grip and grip on any normal running surface. Many customers praised its performance in both dry and wet areas, saying it felt safe at all times.


Flexibility is not a problem with Revolution 3 running shoes. The rubber outsole incorporates deep Flex Grooves that improve shoe flexibility. Combined with the Phylon foam midsole and a well-blended breathable upper net that wraps the feet and moulds into their natural curves, the Revolution 3 offers a very natural ride.


As a neutral running shoe, the Revolution 3 running shoes still provide enough stability for most users.

NIKE Running Shoes


Despite having a wide toe box, the top fits snugly on all other feet, it provides excellent stability by reducing the movement of the side to the side inside the shoe. Overall, users are very satisfied with the stability rating Revolution 3 has given them.


With its standard 10 mm fall, the Revolution 3 is an excellent choice for running shoes, as well as everyday use, such as walking in.


  • Top mesh combined with space panels
  • Extra breathing and temperature control
  • Tightened up in high wear areas
  • Foam insole moulded for storage and support
  • Phylon foam midsole
  • Normal lacing
  • Sturdy rubber outsole
  • Deep Flex Grooves for advanced flexibility


The Nike Revolution 3 running shoes got a good response because of the amazing features they have. From the durable rubber outsole and its Flex pockets, the shoe grips on the floor firmly and is very flexible. The midsole is made of Phylon foam, a compact but durable material. That provides the right support for the wearer without feeling too tight.

Nike added an insole foam-shaped insole for extra cushioning. Many runners are satisfied with the performance of this shoe in both short and long-running. The surface is made of a combination of highly durable and supportive synthetic space. For extra ankle support and stability, the tongue and collar include extra packaging. Ordinary runners and casual wear agree that Revolution 3 is the perfect shoe. That has given them great stability and responsiveness.

Thanks to its simple yet stylish design, the Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoes is very easy to wear down or down. And the price tag attracts a lot of customers. The only downside of this shoe is the lack of arch support. So if you are someone who needs extra arch support. You may want to look for another pair. Other than that, the Nike Revolution 3 is a great neutral running shoe. That both casual runners and casual wear can enjoy.

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