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Nike Quest 4 Running Shoes Review

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NIKE Running Shoes

At the entry-level, there is usually no tone to review or write about, but the Nike Quest 4 Running shoes fills the niche with a shoe that looks fashionable at a fraction of the price. If you wish Nike to hit and be under $ 80 in your pocket there aren’t many options, but surprisingly this stylish trainer goes with the building and it’s not that bad!

Nike Quest 4 Running Shoe Review


Hope from this review you will get important things about the shoes. With the cool look, Flywire lacing, and breathable top, what else do you have to expect from the $ 75 running shoe? It fits well, is not as small as Nike shoes, and has a sturdy, sturdy outsole filled with small pins for a variety of locations.

If you just got into running or need a second pair of low-cost runners to add to your lineup consider Nick Quest 4.


  • Price
  • The truth about size
  • Wide than other Nikes
  • It’s breathing
  • Long-lasting
  • Grippy


  • Smooth heel
  • Lack of response

Who should buy the Nike Quest 4 Running Shoes?

This shoe is designed for beginner or budget runner who just needs a shoe to do everything to get them out the door and go to the gym mode.

Whether it is daily running, or going to the gym, the Nike Quest 4 is a simple addition to anyone’s list.

Who should not buy it

Do not buy this shoe if:

  • You really want a working shoe. This is an entry-level trainer with a ton of performance features. Check out the Nike Zoom Fly 4 instead.
NIKE Running Shoes


  • You want something more to run long distances. See Nike Pegasus 38.
  • You still want the budget shoe, but you want something less light. Asics Hyper Speed ​​is probably what you want.

The Nike Quest 4 is wider than the other Nikes

The Flywire lacing design offers good locking with custom matching. It’s cool to be able to see through the outer layer of the surface and see the Flywire program, a nice touch here Nike.

It is as small as the Nikes, 99.7mm wide and 75mm wide at the heel (approximately 98.4 and 75.4mm), but is slightly harder to fit in and can use a heel loop.

Luxury is Subjective

There’s a bit more foam under Quest 4 compared to 3, giving the shoe a little bit under the feet, but to me, it sounded solid and uncomfortable. It is a bargain shoe with bargain foam in the middle of the midsole.

The heel counter was incredibly strong and scored 5 out of 5 in our tests, which gave me some problems and led to a slippery heel in my experience.

The good thing is that there is a long heel tab that releases pressure on the Achilles, but it is less visible.

Budget riding is not too bad for heel strikers

This high-heeled shoe (13.7mm) may be suitable for beginner runners who may be prone to hitting the heel and need more foam under their heels (32.1mm). To me, it’s a very steep climb.

The shoe is not too strong under the feet, it bends to 28.9N (the average shoe flexibility is 38.8N) but at cold temperatures, it is very strong and rated by 43.6N, a 50.9% increase in strength in our refrigerator test. ride the shoe stable and consistent. There are no surprises about this shoe if you are familiar with drop high trainers.

It has a rail in the rear outsole that adds a touch of flexion and stiffness under the feet as well.

Nike Quest 4 Weight

With an entry-level shoe, 9.5 ounces (268g) is the most prominent.

Some race-focused shoes like the Zoom Fly 4 (9.6 ounces) are heavier.

Tightness and Grip

The Quest 4 has a thick, full-bodied rubber outsole weighing 85.5HC solid (medium outsoles 80.5HC) which means this shoe should be worn lightly and last longer with regular use.

The outsole also has 1.9mm mini lugs depth, a good advantage that many road shoes do not fit in, making it aggressive enough to take some dirt tracks or road shoulder.

Breathing was not so Bad

The above is a 2-layer design with a fully polished tongue, which can be hot at times, but Quest 4 surprisingly had no heat problems. I was pleasantly surprised.

I dig a see-through at the top

It looks cool I like the bright colours of the anti-grey accent, and I like that you can see the binding system, which matches the accent of the heel.

The logo on the language has an alphanumeric code that describes your Nike Quest smart numbers available.

Dang, you can’t exceed that price

At $ 75 this is a crazy profit. There are no special tones for this shoe, but it is very affordable, has a certain style, and is not at all compatible with normal and narrow feet.

NIKE Running Shoes


If you just need a trainer, this price makes it worth checking out.


There are no bright features in Nike Quest 4, so stay home in the dark! As Mom says, nothing good happens when the sun goes down!


in conclusion, of Nike quest 4 running shoes review, if you are looking for a budget, entry-level trainer, with Nike swoosh and cool features, Quest 4 is a must-have! In this review, we have tried to discuss all the important things about the shoes. Hope you have got enough information about the shoes. Now the decision of yours. If you think these shoes are suitable for you so defiantly you can order from here. Note:  We are not shoes selling website, we just review the best Nike shoes for men and women’s. And for our audience, we put shoe order link where available.

Thanks for reading our shoes review, stay with us for more and don’t forget to share this article with your friend and family. Have a nice day thank you.

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