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Nike Quest 2 Running Shoes Review

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Nike Quest 2 Running Shoes Review

When I saw the Nike Quest Running Shoes 2 for the first time, I immediately felt happy to try this model. Why? Maybe it was the shape and the visible layer of cushioning so my natural instincts tell me that these shoes would be perfect for long distances or maybe the truth was they were eye-catching prices. All in all, the truth is that they did not disappoint. They actually fulfilled exactly what I was expecting and at a good price, they begged me to put them among my favorite Nike running shoes so far.

Nike Quest 2 Running Shoes Review

Nike Quest 2 Running Shoes Review

First, I want to point out that the Nike Quest Running shoes 2 is a very soft, comfortable and well-fitting shoe. At least for me, they feel quite wide. From the beginning, when I put them on my feet, they felt really wide. It is wider than any other running shoes I have tried before.

So runners with flat feet may enjoy this model. For those with very small feet, I would strongly recommend that you try a shoe store first. In addition, although the range is very similar to the models from Altra or especially the model from Adidas, Adidas Duramo 9 or Hoka One One Clifton 5, which I used to run before, the Nike Quest 2 is a little lighter than those models.

That was another solid point I found in these shoes and why I really like them. Although Quest 2 may be as simple as the Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 (approximately 220 grams), it does not get over 260 grams, (my female version counts 240 grams). So I take it as a regular, lightweight Nike running shoe that always manages to reach us very well. What if it was a Nike Quest 2? There is no difference…. Reaching long distances in these shoes will never be a problem. You will never know if you have shoes on your feet.

  • Many consumers congratulate the Nike Quest 2 on its comfort.
  • The running shoe is very responsive, demanding a number of testers.
  • Many reviewers appreciate the light of the platform running on the street.
  • Several buyers recommend a sticky grip for a neutral runner.
  • Very few users recommend the flexible performance of the running shoe.
  • Some riders have noticed that the shoe provides stable running performance.
  • The lightweight running shoe lasts longer, recommended by various buyers.
  • A number of buyers recommend the impact protection of a running shoe.
  • The shoe is very breathable, shared by several customers
  • Some commentators have suggested that the running shoe has no support.
  • A neutral running shoe rubs against the foot, notes some runners.
  • A few athletes say that the running track of the road is comfortable.
  • According to several experts, the shoe is too big.

Not only the weight, but also the Nike Quest 2 configuration achieves perfect performance. The midsole is built from the Phylon layer and is very thick, cushy and soft. The shoe even helped me a little to reduce the shock I felt being passed on my knees in other ways.

I also sympathize with it and in terms of my long-running running problem, these shoes with their shock absorbing have made at least some difference. And ran 15 miles [15 km] several times over hilly terrain and almost never felt my knees bend. I do not think it is true that the cushion will be so prominent, but it certainly works well.

He definitely points to this feature again. I enjoy them. While the Nike Quest 2 remains stunning, however, the overall design and colors. It is almost as basic and looks like any other running shoe from Nike and there is almost nothing attractive or fun that would make me buy this shoe with its design. The colors are very similar and replicate the Nike Pegasus or Nike Free models I had long ago.


Notable features

For gear gears with the right amount of repetition and bending, the Nike Quest 2 features a full-length Phylon midsole. Boasting the design of the lights, Phylon Foam prevents drag, thus increasing the athlete’s speed.

Sporting Nike technology owned by Flywire, a road running shoe designed to improve support and closure. Flywire cables fit the foot, creating custom wraps. In addition, Flywire technology incorporates a two-tone lacing system for high security.

Featured on the edge of Quest 2’s outsole crash rail. Its installment is intended to give runners more flexibility.

Finally, as running shoes promise to increase rival speed, a waffle pattern is applied to the rubber outsole. This pattern allows the shoe to dig into the ground for better grip.

Bottom line

Playing a professional look with reliable features, the Nike Quest 2 is perfect for runners who want to travel long distances. With technologies and components loaded into running shoe engineering, it offers an outstanding combination of comfort and support. Designed for distance races, it incorporates feathers that illuminate the runner’s energy. At an affordable price, athletes can expect a stable, breathable, and comfortable running in the Nike Quest 2.


Size and proportions

Nike Quest 2 is designed according to the standard size standards for men and women. Thus, runners can get a pair using their favorite size. To protect the correct fit and size, it is recommended that buyers try to install the shoe first. They can also choose to scan through online product reviews about the fit and size of the running shoe.

One of the things that directly influences the balance of the Nike Quest 2 is its spaced top. It wraps well around the foot for maximum protection. Associated with the mesh fabric are Flywire wires of the active platform, which provide adjusted balance. Protective socks, on the other hand, promote rapid closure, preventing unwanted shoe removal.


The Nike Quest 2 outsole contains a very strong rubber. It is used as an outer material for the shoe because it has a sticky texture without the use of bulk. In addition, its durability prevents the shoe from deteriorating, promoting longevity. Lastly, the rubber outsole is very comfortable, allowing the natural flexibility of the foot for maximum comfort.

The waffle pattern is applied to the rubber outsole, adding extra flexibility to the active platform. It contains rubber cuts that allow for more grip on the ground, which increases runner strength and foot stability.

To minimize the impact, the waffle pattern raises the rubber. After contact with the ground, the raised rubber design returns to its original position to reach the surface and react.

Similar to the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, the neutral shoe is given a crash train at the edge of the outsole. It is a tread pattern that shows deep curved lines and horizontal lines. These are considered foot rotation points.



For the Nike Quest 2 midsole, built with the famous Nike midsole Phylon. Unlike conventional EVA foams, Phylon foam is very light and durable. It equips the user with the right amount of underfoot cushion for plushness and support. It is made of EVA foam pellets that are compressed, expanded by heat, and then cooled on the skin. By its design, Phylon Foam evenly distributes the impact upon arrival, protecting the foot from any stress or injury. The same midsole feature is used in the Nike Downshifter system.

To provide extra comfort and support to the underfoot, the sockliner is mounted on top of the Phylon midsole running shoe.


The Quest 2 top from Nike is made using mesh fabrics and synthetic fabrics. The combination of these two factors creates better locking and security. It produces a foot-shaped wrap around the soles of the feet, eliminating the possibility of premature slipping of shoes. This, in turn, creates a safer and more stable operation. In addition, it increases the airflow inside the foot chamber due to its placement of piercing techniques. This brings a healthy foot area, free of sweat and odor.

To give a personal wrap to the foot, the running shoe is paired with Nike’s Flywire technology. It has a two-tone binding system that enhances the safety of the shoe without sacrificing comfort and light. Flywire ropes are also sturdy compared to regular ropes attached to most running shoes.



In conclusion, of nike quest running shoes. All in all, the Nike Quest Running Shoes 2 is a great shoe. It is true that they are not new under the sun but their strength is good and at the same time kneeling has something to offer. For the full price they charge now, they can work great for anyone who doesn’t need much. They are average, but at a very reasonable price.

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