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Nike Pegasus 29 Women’s Running Shoes

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Nike Running Shoes

The Nike Air Pegasus 29 Women’s Running Shoes is another great replica of the Nike franchise trainer, ready for daily training and racing.

Nike’s neutral coach, Pegasus, is back in its 29th version. I did a lot of training on the Pegasus 28th, and I found it to be a reliable everyday shoe, capable of bringing comfort and protection at any distance. But I also found it flexible and easy to use on tempo and race days. All at an affordable price, not less! That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel it was perfect. As big as 28 was under the feet, I thought the top could be improved. Let’s see if these improvements are made to 29!

Nike Air Pegasus 29 Women’s Running Shoes Review


My quick comment Pegasus 29 looks like a sleeker version of the 28th. Most of the shoe looks ordinary, like the Flywire lacing system and high patterns. But the midsole looks slim, giving the 29 a formal look, and a look of the future. Nice shoe!

One of my favourite 28 features was its versatility, and 29 is no different. The front bends easily. The 28-piece plastic shank that it had on the back of the front is no longer there, but, in my opinion, it does not touch the 29 in any way, except perhaps to save weight.

Side-to-side, 29 also turns easily. Due to this torsional flexibility, I expect the Pegasus 29 to offer very little pronation control, which makes the shoe ideal for a neutral runner. The counter is strong, which should cover the heel well when running.

Nike Air Pegasus 29 Women’s Unit

Like previous versions, the Pegasus 29 midsole is made entirely of Cushlon EVA. Unlike the Vomero 7, which I felt was tough, the Cushlon on Pegasus 29 feels like a 28. That means you can expect a lot of cushions full of everything. The Pegasus 29 also has a good reaction, which means your foot will not sink under the midsole and stay there but will come back. Flexible and responsive, this is more flexible than a quick, easy change.

The Pegasus 29 also has a Zoom Air unit on the heel. Heel strikers in particular will enjoy the bouncy cushion of the Zoom Air heel. But this does not mean that forefoot and midfielders are left out of the picture. With 20 mm pre-stitched pillow, the Pegasus 29 provides protection against any foot bumps.

I expect the type of pillow provided by Pegasus on the pillow line of other manufacturers. This usually means an increase in the price of $ 15-30. But not Pegasus: it offers cushion protection and a standard cushion package.

Nike Air Pegasus 29 Women’s Upper

As I said before, the upper part of the previous version has room for improvement. In particular, I felt that Pegasus could benefit from more breathing and better midfoot balance.

NIKE Running Shoes


On Pegasus 29, Nike goes to the Engineered Mesh, which is basically two types of mesh: one, traditional mesh, and two, the highest mesh used instead of overlay. By replacing the traditional overlay with mesh, Nike enhances Pegasus breathing. At 28, you had to get a Breath version to get a breathable shoe. I’m not sure that’s still necessary. With the Engineered Mesh, Nike also enhances the comfort of the upper part, making it look more like a sock.

While I still feel like the Pegasus 29 can improve midfoot balance. 29, like 28, uses Flywire to wrap the midfoot. While Flywire covers my foot well enough, it does not have the same flexibility and flexibility one gets with Nike’s Dynamic Fit system. After hearing about the Dynamic Fit program on Vomero 7, there is no going back! I wish Nike had also brought the Dynamic Fit to Pegasus.

My biggest complaint with the previous model was the stiffness of the top. It broke quickly, which gave me a lace bite on my foot. Engineered Mesh seems to be improving high quality, but it is too early to say that will translate into more durability. Nike already has the technology to improve fitness in Dynamic Fit, so I’m not sure why it wasn’t brought to Pegasus.


Flying legend: simpler than its predecessor, the Nike Air Pegasus 29 Women’s Running Shoe still offers responsive responses to runners who know and love it and include more enhanced features for targeted support.

  • The newly engineered mesh on top provides flexibility, air permeability and space support
  • tightly woven in areas that need support and are very open where large flexibility and ventilation are required
  • the elevated panel in midfoot and eye sockets for extra support without the added weight of traditional compression
  • responsive cushioning adds comfort
  • flex grooves on the outsole increase the stability and sound of a natural step
  • bright features to be seen in low light conditions
  • Sturdy waffle outsole and great multi-surface pull


In conclusion, of Nike Air Pegasus 29 Women’s Running Shoes, Nike continues to upgrade Pegasus with the 29th edition. With a plush-like but responsive pillow like the 28, the Pegasus 29 is designed to provide serious impact protection for a variety of footwork at any distance.

28 already provide high impact protection on a lightweight package, and 29 gets a light touch (approximately 1 oz.). Another new 29 is a newly built upper that enhances both comfort and breathability. But because of the great flexibility, this trainer has a strong rhythm and has a quick, easy transition.

Thanks to this combination of high cushion and flexible ride, I find Pegasus 29 ready for half-running and full-marathons. Coach does all the best at a low price, the Pegasus 29 will attract a variety of neutral runners.

Hope you have enjoyed the review of Nike Air Pegasus 29 Women’s Running Shoes.

Have a nice day……Thank You

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