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Nike Lunar Running Shoes Review 2021

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NIKE Running Shoes

According to Nike, lunar running shoes were created after studying the images of astronauts flying over the moon. As if the marshmallow that made Swoosh bring the same experience to its main runners. Since its original model, Lunarlon has emerged to attract today’s less demanding consumers weighing less than 30% than Phylon’s standard product foam. An essential ingredient for many professional runners today, let’s take a look at the 3 Best Nike Lunar Running Shoes.

3 Best Nike Lunar Running Shoes Review 2021

  1. The Nike Lunarglide 7
  2. Nike LunarGlide 8
  3. Nike Lunarglide 9

Review of The Nike Lunarglide 7


The Nike LunarGlide 7 is intended for those runners who want a lightweight shoe that offers a reliable combination of stability and cushioning to help with extreme forecasting.

Newly built mesh and high “Flyknit” combined with the unique Lunarlon midsole foam introduced in the final model, LunarGlide 7 offers a secure, personalized balance while delivering a smooth and responsive transition throughout the runner’s path.

The shoe stays light and works in many ways for those runners who need more stability from a daily trainer or runner without compromising performance. This latest version of LunarGlide has been the best since its launch thanks to the integration of the “Flyknit” top with a responsive Lunarlon midsole and outsole mounted on a pressure map.


  • New engineering match combined with “Flyknit” top
  • The combination of “Flywire” and “Flyknit” enables a safe and comfortable balance
  • High cushioning with “Lunarlon” foam midsole
  • Good balance of stability and cushioning
  • A lightweight trainer or runner


  • Slow price increase (worth the quality of Upcoming Updates)

Nike Lunarglide 7 General Information

The Nike LunarGlide 7 builds on its predecessor to deliver a sturdy, lightweight shoe that has a lot of flexibility and offers a smooth ride.

The shoe is aimed at those runners who tend to climb too high and need that extra stability provided by Dynamic Support designed everywhere.

NIKE Running Shoes


It was very clear from the beginning of LunarGlide 7 out of the box that great enhancements were made on top.

Synthetic overlays have been removed and replaced with engineering mesh and Flyknit materials that allow for a more breathable and comfortable fit like socks.

From the first run, I immediately felt that the rearrangement of the upper extremity made my foot feel comfortable and secure from heel to toe.

This was due in large part to the new “Flyknit” match and the way the midsole wraps around the entire foot and can be adjusted with a “Flywire” to fit your needs.

LunarGlide 7 continues to provide smooth and secure mobility thanks to the Lunarlon Foam midsole and a solid outsole with a solid map that was updated to the previous version, the LunarGlide 6 and remained unchanged.

The new top design combined with a reliable midsole and outsole brings the best version of LunarGlide and is a shoe that can be worn as an everyday trainer or on the test as a weekend runner.

Nike Lunarglide 7 Sole Information

The LunarGlide unit alone had a few updates to the previous version and those enhancements were further developed in LunarGlide 7.

The midsole material is Lunarlon’s dual-density foam that gives the shoe a smooth ride and a smooth transition across all ground contact.

The core of the Lunarlon foam is designed with a soft inner core wrapped around a strong outer layer and which allows the shoe to be lighter while still providing stability and reliable performance.

The updated LunarGlide 6 outsole is made of rubber attached to a compact map that gives the shoe a reliable grip and pulls throughout the foot strike.

I’m glad Nike left one unit and retained the Lunarlon foam and Pressure-Mapped Outsole as it allows for a much more fun running experience.

LunarGlide 7 continues to provide a smooth and smooth transition from heel to toe as well as more responsiveness and stability.

Nike Lunarglide 7 Higher Information

Above LunarGlide 7 is where you can see and hear instantly the updates made in this latest version.

Key updates were the addition of the Engineered Mesh to the toe box and the “Flyknit” upper from the heel to the middle of the feet while the old artificial overlay was removed.

NIKE Running Shoes


Changes in construction and operation bring a more comfortable and breathable surface while providing a safe and comfortable fit.

LunarGlide 7 holds Flywire cables attached to the lashes and passes between the feet and the Flyknit equipment.

This allows the athlete to adjust the flexibility and flexibility of the individual near the midfoot to increase stability and comfort.

The shoe has a sturdy plastic counter heel that moves the stability behind the shoe that closes the heel firmly in place for extended support and control of the runner throughout the track.

The moment you install LunarGlide 7, the redesign of the top is immediately visible. The newly formed mesh combination and the upper “Flyknit” combined with the “Flywire” make it a perfect fit.

This allows every athlete to adapt and adjust the shoe according to what he or she wants. I found that the changes at the top are very good in this version.

Nike Lunarglide 7 About

LunarGlide continues to improve with each model. LunarGlide 7 brings a lightweight shoe that offers a good combination of stability for those. Who tend to overheat with too many bends to walk properly.

When you combine design changes to the top of the midsole with the already great outsole. The LunarGlide 7 goes from a good shoe to an even better shoe. From the overall comfort and performance look from top to bottom.

The design is flexible with the addition of a lightweight mesh. And the high “Flyknit” with “Flywire” provides a personal balance and comfort during the middle foot.

The high cushioning midsole provides smooth movement and smooth transition throughout the route.

LunarGlide 7 is one of the most comfortable and comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

The shoe remains faithful to its roots by giving the athlete a great combination of a stable platform. And more flexibility while maximizing complete comfort in the middle of the foot.

The enhancements to LunarGlide 7 are worth a small price increase as the benefits are found in Nike in this version.

The shoe can fit those runners who want to stabilize to help with excessive prediction. As well as those neutral runners who need a lightweight daily trainer or runner.

NIKE Running Shoes


LunarGlide 7 offers a smooth and fast transition while providing unique ease. That allows the runner the ability to travel many miles comfortably.

Thanks to the great people at Nike for sending us a pair of LunarGlide 7 for testing. This did not affect the outcome of the review, which was written after running more than 50 miles in it.

Nike LunarGlide 8 Review


The Nike LunarGlide 8 is a rhythmic trainer that offers a smooth, stable ride for runners. Combined with new design ideas, it brings a few updates to the successful LunarGlide shoe line.


  • It fits well with the full Lunarlon sole
  • Advanced Adaptive with Flywire
  • Smooth inner sleeve


  • A tiny magnetic field
  • Low stiffness on the outsole

From the top look, these shoes look like a regular set of Nikes, almost imitating the top of LunarTempos.

But aside look at these shoes reveals a few different cracks that leave you curious about what Nike is doing. Only when you flipped through the shoes did you realize what Nike was really wearing. They made a secret map of 5 mountains around 51 places!


Stop it.

That’s a little crazy. So what about all the cracks, lines, highlighted lines, and smooth outsole joints? And why are there similar spaces aside?

The quick answer is to add extra pull and comfort and make the shoe look neat. I had to find out by my exam what it was for the job and for the form.

Incorporating a 29mm heel stack height and 19mm length, this shoe gives you a 9.5 mm offset on a soft base that I noticed immediately in my first run. The nations are stable, smooth, and equally comfortable without feeling overwhelmed.

Nike LunarGlide 8 General Information

The LunarGlide shoe was designed to deliver flexible rides without the heaviest entry. It’s not as simple as LunarTempos, so the extra weight goes a long way in getting more support.

Other Nike shoes designed with psychological support are Zoom Odysseys and Air Zoom Structures.

Compared to the LunarGlide 7s, the LunarGlide 8s has shifted from the top of the Flyknit to the engineering mesh. The LunarGlide 8s re-enacted a single, one-size-fits-all pattern.

Another big difference in the 8s is that they have smoother heel support. All of these changes really make LunarGlide 8s look almost unrelated to LunarGlide 7s.

NIKE Running Shoes


While I think the balance between these two shoes will be somewhat similar, I strongly advise any LunarGlide 7 owners to try out the 8s carefully before committing to them because of all these changes.

LuanrGlide 8 should come into your life as a daily trainer and may be used for normal racing.

Since all the features and designs of these shoes blend with each other without shouting “I AM A RUNNING SHOE”, inside you, can use these as lifestyle shoes. (Suppose you do not buy them with green neon or neon orange).

Nike LunarGlide 8 Sole Unit

This is one of the few styles of shoes available that can look as good as an outsole. Nike is known for making fun of outdoor foam (see Nike Free RN Motion Flyknits).

The LunarGlide 8 style is based on a small pattern, using a filtering method to add cut-out cones to a seamless foam outsole.

These fixed anchors add traction to the sleek outsole but are not enough to help the shoe in rough terrains like tracks or wet gravel.

Another reason to avoid bad spots is because of the magnetic field of the shoe on small rocks. These small stones meet between layers of foam and sometimes you get a rock large enough to be trapped as it makes a croaking noise as you run.

It is very rare, and the rocks you find are not as big as the ones that stick to Nike Free shoes, so the rock problem is like rock nuisance. Like a central rock band training in a garage on a few streets below you.

He will see you sometimes, but you will be right with your life. Away from bad wordplay, we see that there are a few more laser cuts on the side of the midsole.

Those guys are mostly good-looking, but they make the side walls flexible under pressure. If we look closely at the side of the midsole and see that it is slightly round, there is a cut directly from the top.

This makes the shoe easier to roll than other stable shoes like Adidas Ultra Boost STs. The perfect standing Lunarlon foam midsole gives your feet extra support and makes you feel very comfortable in running.

I did not feel any abnormal pressure points during my test run, and I felt a midsole so I could always respond to the training run.

The midsole sounded less responsive to high-speed running, whereas a thin midsole may fit better. All in all, the sole of the shoe felt at home in an easy-to-measure run.

Nike LunarGlide 8 Advanced Information

Think of small socks around your feet. Now apply a few pieces of foam to the back of your heels. Now wrap all that up with mesh, and tie it with Flywire, and now you’re wearing a speculative pair of LunarGlide 8s.

Those few layers on a Flywire shoe hold your feet well, which I really enjoyed while wearing these shoes.

NIKE Running Shoes


Note that as it is the upper mesh instead of Flyknit, your feet and toes cannot bend too much to make more space, so any pressure points while wearing shoes means you have to increase the size or try a different model.

These shoes are actually about the same size as mine, but some reviews note that the shoebox sounds small. I really liked the outer heel counter of these shoes.

Get the job done and wrap it around the heel with a small dab of material just below for extra safety.

A steep descent step from the Lunarglide 7s that had a large plastic loop running on the heel. The LunarGlide 8 outer heel counter combined with glossy and glossy heels gives the shoe a good look and good fit.

The last noteworthy feature is the use of Flywire. Each shoelace fits into a thick strap that attaches to the sole of the shoe so that your feet fit snugly.

I have been sceptical about Flyknit in the past it is declining, but I think the new version is solid and will hold up to a few hundred miles of running.

Review of Nike Lunarglide 9


The shoe is a very comfortable, lightweight shoe that is strong enough to handle as a delicate shoe — and it is an excellent shoe.

It’s soft. In a good way! That’s what comes first to my mind when I run this shoe. The look shouts “I’m wearing that nice T-shirt” (Okay, and I’ll come) while running into them whispers … “the next marathon shoe?”

It is possible. I love the very low heel and the ASICS GT-3000 safety toebox box with very long training runs, but this one is very light and comfortable, on the way … it works. I love Ravenna 8 so much too; we will see what Ravenna 9 brings to the road (table).


  • Not heavy
  • It’s too soft! Anyway …
  • Hidden Flywires protect the midfoot well …
  • And the midsole holds the midfoot stiff while providing great arch support.
  • She is beautiful!


  • Low durability midsole and outsole
  • Make a “squish” sound as you tread (medium Flywires rubbing on top)

General Information

I wrote a short poem to explain my first impression…

Long on Nike Lunarglide 9

She is beautiful. Normal?

It doesn’t look like a sturdy shoe.

-Hello hidden Flywire’s!

Wow, great arch support,

Your heel, it’s contradictory.

It seems that appearances can be deceptive.

And maybe running in you will be like that

… Walking on the moon.

Lunarglide 9 retains the pattern of the same unit that was refurbished between 7 and 8: slits and smooth links that bring comfort and traction while collecting certain stones, not a major problem while working.

The upper Flywires are now hidden and made of wide, soft wire for extra comfort.

NIKE Running Shoes


A friend of my running team pointed out that these shoes make a “squish” sound when you step on them, and it seems to come from medial Flywires rubbing on top.

I eventually returned to visit Dr Coffin, my podiatrist, so that I could be fitted with custom orthotics, and in the process, I learned a few things that influenced this review of shoes. (Note: I will still be checking shoes without orthotics, to provide accurate reviews.)

He explained more about the subtalar joint located below the ankle joint. And allows the side of the foot to move to the side of the movement.

He showed that its flexibility causes my arrow to become flat (overpronate) that tightening the plantar muscles. And then pulls my toes into place with a hammer, causing pain in the left foot.

(My arrows do not swell when I walk, he noted, so it should happen only when my muscles are tired. And the pulse is rising for miles after running.)

Okay, but the reason I mentioned this in a Lunarglide review is that at the end of my appointment. He put each foot in a saran-covered gel after carefully straightening my knee. Ankle, and big toes, to get the mould. orthotic.

It feels comfortable but unattractive as if my foot should stretch too much.

HERE’S THE POINT: As I walked out of the office on my Lunarglides, the stars came crashing down, and I realized that the “high arch support” I had noticed in this shoe was actually holding my foot in the same position as my foot. you heard in prison.

The Lunarglide arch helps to limit my underlying joint movements, which stops the destructive process that leads to metatarsal pain. Boom.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Okay, but the heel of the shoe is so wide that its heel helps to hold my narrow heel straight;

The shoe’s midsole compression pattern shows it to a certain extent and proves its lack of durability in a significant view after only 45 miles in the shoe.

NIKE Running Shoes


There was a large “immersion” below the front (remove the socket liner to feel this) 45 miles than the Ravenna 8 by about 300 miles and the GT-3000 by about 100 miles.

Well, the doctor said that I did not have a single pair of shoes that day that he would recommend running (running above and Adidas Supernova, New Balance Vongo v2, and ASICS GT-1000); individual factors will determine who likes and needs what shoe.

Here is a quick list of the shoes Lunarglide competes within the market, by comparison, and some comparisons.

Ravenna 8

Brooks ’Ravenna 8 is much softer on the heel than the Lunarglide 9.  But otherwise, the shoe feels very similar except for the Nike which offers a soft sole under the feet.


The Lunarglide 9 is lighter and more flexible than the Adidas Supernova and rides with a much smaller feel. A lower box height, and a similar heel space (slightly cooled).


Europa from Under Armor is very comfortable throughout, it is better at controlling the excess of the late phase. But provides less arch support.

GT-1000 6

Lunarglide does not support less than 1000 (the front foot bends) however it is similar in the protective balance. Of the midfoot and the area on the heel of the medium width.

Vongo v2

This is the same feeling that I think Vongo v2 was trying to achieve, but Nike did this better. Lightweight and very avoidable in the middle of the foot. My 3rd metatarsal “space” did not start to hurt at Lunarglide as it did in Vongo v2.

While the sole v2 is slightly more flexible in the front. The upper is more flexible (slightly secure) in the middle of the middle foot.


Lunarglide is as light as Arahi however offers its lightweight support with medium height (10mm compared to 5), high arch support, and a similar lack of midsole durability.

Sole Unit

One Lunarglide 9 unit retains most of its features from 8 after being redesigned between versions 7 and 8 of the shoe.

The outsole consists of four pods under the front / middle foot and one under the heel.  All cut into fixed circles in a so-called siping mechanism to allow the tire to bend more deeply. And produce more heat, which helps hold.

I do not see any heat generated in the running shoe version. But it is definitely a flexible sole under the forefoot, while Dynamic Support holds. The midfoot tightness (where our feet are strong), which is needed to support the foot.

The grooves around the fixed pads also help with flexibility and grip. — While continuing to hold the rocks as in the final version.

It’s not a very annoying thing, but you’ll get a click-through on the rock. That is always installed, in this shoe. The pattern of the sole and the handle certainly makes this a street shoe against the track.

NIKE Running Shoes


The side walls have long laser cuts and are now diagonal along the edge which reduces the support of the shoe but facilitates its “soft” movement.

Lunarlon foam has a small rotation on the bottom that makes it very attractive to roll, but its overall shape comes out of the shoe just a little bit to help combat this and provide support.

Lunarlon is very light and soft — yet that comes with its even side yet the opposite of low stiffness. I found this shoe comfortable and works well for all types of running.

Lunarglide 9 Higher Information

The top of this version has been changed from 8 engineer nets to a jacquard style, with a feel and look like weaving.

The term “Jacquard” is a term meaning “a piece of cloth made of jacquard, which has a very complex pattern [of color separation].”

The shoe fits well with the medium-heeled heel and is fitted with an external TPU Heel Counter. To keep the back foot straight throughout the plant.

A mid-heeled heel brings the comfort of the shoe up to the ankle. And testing shows this more to have more space in the shoe box than the previous version.

The rest is breathable and supportive without limit (no tropical areas). Fixed strands of Flywire — now hidden inside — strain your foot as you tighten the straps.

Flywire’s are closer to the range and material of shoelaces than previous versions of Flywire. From Nike and thus protect the foot without the “digging” power too much, if you prefer a solid fit.


According to several reviews, the Nike linear running shoes is reported to be comfortable, flexible, and supportive shoe. … Designed as a stable shoe for overpronators, it is also suitable for neutral runners.  Today we have reviewed Nike lunar running shoes. Hope you have enjoyed this content to get more of this type of content and informative content stay with us.

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