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Nike Luarlon 9 Running Shoes Review

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NIKE Running shoes

Today we are going to review Nike lunarlon 9 running shoes. It has the same Lunarepic inspired design and top with a slightly clean profile. The rear foot ride is slightly stronger than the LG8 due to the redesigned side holes.

Nike Luarlon 9 Running Shoe Review


Nike’s sales pitch: Soft and smooth as before.

Above: Engineered engine, partial inner sleeve, Flywire strap-based lacing.

Midsole: Lunarlon foam inside EVA foam casing solid. 10 mm heel-to-toe offset.

Outsole: Foam with raised pods under the front and heel.

Weight: 281 gms / 9.9 Oz for half US pairs for Men 10 / UK 9 / EUR 44 / CM 27.1

Available width: D – always.


  • Smooth transition
  • Hold the outsole in dry areas
  • High proportional support
  • Not heavy


  • Outsole Strength
  • Hold in wet areas
  • Outsole grooves hold small stones


If you have been running on the old Lunarglides (6,7) so far and now you want to change them, here you are. Lunarglide as we knew it received a major overhaul last year.

Everything about Nike lunarlon 9 running shoes was new. The midsole contains Lunarlon, but switching to a single Lunarepic-inspired design changed the ride quality.

This year brings a small update to the Lunarglide 8 ride quality, while the top-rated is almost the same. So you know the drill – if you already have Lunarglide 8, get another similar pair instead of buying the LG9.

And in case the LG8 did not do you any good last year, scroll down to find a list of alternatives in the slightly supported section.


The upper Lunarglide 9’s have the same shape as the 8, which is purely visually clean. There is one woven piece of Flymesh on top with an inner sleeve that wraps around the middle foot.

The inner bump creates a toe box room in the front. Flywire cables have been redesigned for the LG9. Instead of 8 thin straps, Lunarglide 9 uses thick straps hidden between the outer arm and the inner sleeve. You can see this as small bumps under the Nike Swoosh logo printed on the side.

NIKE Running shoes


Thick strings sound like another set of strings placed over the middle sides. There is also one small Flywire column in 9. The last few eyelets are no longer connected to this cinching system.

Although the circular cords are the same as last year, the binding panel is not the same. Instead of the visible laminate seen in 8, eye-stay uses a non-sew synthetic that adds extra strength to the area. This is probably done in order to install strong Flywire fibres that produce high friction on the eyelets.

The heel counter receives a few minor updates. There is an outer heel cover that looks like plastic at first but it is not.

The heel counter is made of flexible material that sounds like part of foam and part of rubber. The heel area looks low compared to the LG8 or moulded plastic.

On the light side, the rubber band does not charge side pressure as does the other Lunarglides pass. This component also has a small light trim in the same area as the LG8.

The second change occurred at the height of the heel column. The top LG9 rises slightly on the sides than the 8, a review that has little impact on optimal quality.

In terms of foam rolling rates, the LG8 and 9 are equally matched. The collar and tongue are framed loosely for comfort, grip, and separation from the pressure hanging from the top down.

There is something else that makes the Nike lunarlon 9 running shoes high-resolution look low. The LG8 used a two-tone Flymesh that adds visual depth to a little more detail. Nike lunarlon 9 running shoes does not have that texture, so the overall texture looks a bit dull.

One Lunarglide 8 and 9 design is based on Lunarepic. The soft Lunarlon core is enclosed within a solid midsole, and the side walls have small cracks cut. The LG9 follows the same design, except that there is a change in the design of the sidewall groove.

Instead of limiting the rearfoot (on the LG8), the Lunarglide 9 sidelines extend all the way forward. This changes the ride quality of Lunarglide 9, both from a cushioning look and transition.

The outsole is very similar, except that one of the midsole grooves extends down the edge of the outer heel. If not, the structure is similar to the LG8. This is a non-rubber structure with front pads and heels.


And like Lunarepic and LG8, the grooves inside the pods catch small stones and dead bugs. Carved pods hold well, but only when dry.

Inside the top is the same removable insole made of blowing foam.


Expect about 300 miles of running life. The first parts that fail are the common culprits – that is the Lunarlon core and the entire foam outsole.

The Lunarlon core will gradually lose its cushion, and a lack of rubber in the outsole will lead to later death. To clarify, you will see ageing and tearing around the forefoot holes and heel pods.


Not much has changed at the top since Lunarglide 8, so the equilibrium quality is almost identical to the outgoing model.

Only the visible change is felt in the middle of the foot. Using Flywire thick wires makes the midfoot fit evenly. Does midfoot feel better than LG8? Yes. The strong and soft threads on the 9 do a better job of distributing the cinching pressure.

The interior feels smooth due to the inner sleeve and seamless construction. The plush padding of the tongue and heel adds comfort and grip. Also, the heel collar is higher (than the LG8) on the sides, so the top feels very secure as well. Lunarglide has always been a high-heeled shoe, and the 2017 model is no different.

Note that the outer heel counter is rubber, so it does not press on the sides as does the LG6.

Lunarglide works warmly due to the construction of the inner sleeve. It’s great in winter, but that’s something you should be aware of in warmer seasons.


Calling Lunarglide a shoe of ‘stability’ is a simple matter. It has a fixed and supportive ride with a view of lateral bias, but that is also true of most running shoes, even neutral ones.

Lunarglide 8 has a smooth ride, and version 9 makes it a little better before. Introducing the flex grooves on the lateral forefoot allows the midsole to compress on the outer side – a feature that was not at 8.

At last year’s Lunarglide, all the forefoot softness was centred in the centre due to Lunarlon embedding. With the new midsole design, you get the idea that some flexibility goes out of style. As a bonus, the forefoot transition sounds smooth again.

That being said, back-to-back riding is stronger than last year. This sounds ridiculous considering that there are so many cracks, but it has to do with the way it is designed.

The lines of LG8’s rearfoot grooves were directly connected. When the weight was applied, the five grooves were pressed simultaneously to bring out the softness of the cushion.

On the LG9, the grooves are separated. Thus the effective calculation of the grooves under the heel is actually three and a half instead of five. So a few grooves = reduced pressure = a slight increase in the stiffness of the hind legs. Also, the midsole pressure (on the outer side) sounds better distributed instead of the rear focus like the LG8.


Reaction – midsole ability to replicate – is a measure of Lunarglide. Forefoot brings a better response thanks to foam pods with a piston-like effect. But compared to new year items like Boost and Everun, Glide sounds flat.

On the bright side, the LG9 does not feel slow. The changes sound smooth and efficient, as the midsole allows weight loading to occur with the very little mushiness. For performance tracks, the forefoot outsole grips very well and helps with a quick push.

Used for most half-marathons, Lunarglide’s padded ride kicks off. There is enough foam between your foot and the road to keep the race free for many distances.

All that is said and done, the midsole installation by Lunarlon. This Foam tends to drop over time, so the feel of a ride to mile zero will not be the same as 200 miles.


In conclusion, of  Nike lunarlon 9 running shoes, the most annoying thing about Lunarglide or Lunarepic is their outsole. The foam with its small, straight furrows picks up small debris on the road, and it is painful to remove it after the escape. And you can’t ignore it – you clearly feel these things embedded within.

This is just a bad design. Indeed, in the first year, we will reduce Nike slightly. But do not change even after two years? The obvious negligence is that. Outsole holds up well and what, but that doesn’t help if you stay busy removing rocks from your outsole.

What’s more, still offers no more scope, so another point docked outside of school.

Among our favourites are the quality of the smooth transition, the safe and supportive ride, and the high level of safety. And thanks to the foam outsole, Lunarglide is able to maintain a weight of fewer than 10 ounces.

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