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Nike Free RN 5.0 Running Shoes Review

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Nike Free RN 5.0 Running Shoes Review

The Nike Free RN 5.0 2020 is a heavy, sturdy and stable trainer. It has a flexible front foot and is suitable for distances of up to 10km.It has a solid midsole compared to previous free versions of RN 5.0 which leads to better stability and better earth sensitivity.


  • Light, breathable
  • Very flexible front feet
  • It helps to develop an active form
  • Stable ride


  • It is not necessary to be a daily trainer or for distances of more than 10km
  • Not many outsole rubber shortens the lifespan


Nike Free RN 5.0 Running Shoes Review

Nike Free RN 5.0 Running Shoes Review

There was a time, not too long ago when minimalist shoes and running shoes were the rage. All types of shoes introduce small and flexible trainers.

Since then, the term “barefoot” has become unpopular with runners and shoe brands like Hoka.

Now, the more expensive, more advanced trainers have higher stacks for stacking with carbon dioxide and a lot of cushioning.

However, there are still lovers of the most difficult shoes today. When I was running a long distance race last year, I saw people running in sandals even a boy who was running naked.

I’ve never been a fan of small shoes. My assumption that being stronger means more protection and more protection means fewer injuries.

However, some people say that running in high-heeled shoes is uncommon and can cause damage to your body.

My last team of Nike Free trainers was Free RN Flyknit 2017. I found that their loose tops were so comfortable that they were sloppy and I ended up using them as a gym shoe.

Nike marketed Nike Free RN 5.0 as a short distance trainer that gives you a barefoot feeling. They also say it can be used as a strengthening tool to help promote natural movements.

There are two trainers in the Nike Free 2020 range: Free RN Flyknit 3.0 and Free RN 5.0. The Flyknit 3.0 is very close to the running shoes while the 5.0 is very fast and does not have a Flyknit above.

The Nike Free RN 5.0 sits in the middle of a small shoe with a standard everyday trainer that on paper sounds like a more versatile shoe than the Free RN Flyknit 3.0.

So is Nike Free RN 5.0 a shoe that I will be able to use as a daily trainer, or will I only be able to use it as a training tool to strengthen the muscles in my legs and lower legs?

Nike Free RN 5.0 Running Shoes First Appearance

The first thing I noticed when I took them out of the box was what the design looked like in the future. Smooth lines and sharp angles reminded me of one of those modern-day cars you can see at a car show.

I was amazed at how strong the foam of the midsole felt. There was never anything I could offer when I tried to crush it, a big difference from the old Nike Free models.

Nike says the Free RN 5.0 2020 is stronger than previous models of better stability and ground feel.

When you walk around the shoe, it didn’t sound as flat as the previous Nike Free trainers. I could feel the raised parts of the outsole under my feet and it was as if I was walking on legumes.

The midfoot of the Free RN 5.0 sounded much smaller than most Nike trainers and I felt a prominent arch against my feet. I thought the feeling would disappear when I started running in the shoe and it happened.

My first race on the Free RN 5.0 was a short 10km race to get a shoe feel. At the end of my run, I was pleasantly surprised that I had no sore knees or sore feet.

Nike Free RN 5.0 Sole Unit

The Free RN 5.0 midsole is a single compact EVA clip, shaped by injection. It is much stronger than previous Free brands and in my opinion, makes the shoe even better.

Previously, RN free midsoles felt mushy and unstable but the 2020 version feels more responsive and easier to pass quickly.

It still needs to be locked in marathons or marathon meters but is suitable for 5 to 10 km short repair sessions.

Stability in Free RN 5.0 is good. The low profile and tightness of the midsole helps with stability. Outsole pods on the heel and front of the feet make the shoe a little unstable.

The 6mm drop for Free RN 5.0 sounds low because there is no sinking softness. As I ran, I noticed that my foot was facing the front foot.

As a result of not having much smell, my feet wanted to stay in the most tight part of my feet, the front.

The Free RN 5.0 outsole is fully exposed in the middle of the midsole with the exception of two rubber strips: one in the lateral heel area and the other in the toe area which is not part of the upper outsole wear unless you have a strange foot strike.

The outsole parts have been upgraded so the Free RN 5.0 does not have a fully integrated communication outsole- as a result, the horse replacement is not as smooth as previous versions of Free 5.0.

Nike has done a great job of creating outsole slits so they don’t catch stones and debris between the grooves. This has been a problem for some of the freelance coaches.

The slits cut across the length of the outsole but only allow the shoe to shift in front of the shoe. The middle legs and hind legs are strong.

The flexibility of the Free RN 5.0 is good but it removes all the softness so the Free RN 5.0 is not a temple running shoe.

Traction is high in arid areas but the Free RN 5.0 is very slippery on wet grass or wet mound due to the outgoing bags or rubber blown out.

The Free RN 5.0 is also not a shoe you want to remove from the road or rocks because the whole stone can be felt under the shoe.

The firmness of Free RN 5.0 is on the lower edge. The EVA midsole will lose its elasticity over time and the rubber-covered outsole will wear out faster than most shoes.

Top Unit Nike RN 5.0

Above Free RN 5.0 bootie design is mostly a little stretch, a little reminiscent of VaporWeave on VaporFly.

There is an overlay in the toe area for more shape and durability and the right amount of width and depth in the toe box.

The tongue is made of a soft, flexible material that sounds like a furry sock.

There is a small padding, with the exception of three foam pods inside the heel grip area.

These pods work very well as I have not had any heel spurs or discomfort and I wish Nike had used them on the Infinity Run and Pegasus 37.

You get a unique heel pull tab, not in the middle of the heel but in the inner, middle part of the heel that doesn’t work all that well. There is a reason that most heel pull tabs are in the center.

There are no double-lined finish lumps for making the lacing heel key that is more common in bootie-shaped shoes.

The top name for Free RN 5.0 is “floppy”. There is no structure on the heel or in the middle of the foot and you are one of the few Nike trainers to not have Flywire straps or straps.

When I ran, my feet felt comfortable and relaxed. It was like a shoe fit and not wearing underwear.

The top of the Free RN 5.0 actually works in size and is lightweight, breathable and offers a secure lock.


The Nike Free RN 5.0 2020 has a comfortable, breathable top and an acceptable level of foot lock. It has the right amount of space in the toe box and does not cause problems or hot spots.

Its sturdy midsole is very flexible at the front, providing enough stability and enough to push distances up to 10km.

You won’t break any PR in Free RN 5.0, and you won’t work the record distances in them but that wasn’t what the shoe was designed for.

Free RN 5.0 is like a professional tool that works for a specific purpose. Its purpose is to strengthen the muscles and joints in your legs and to improve your performance.

After a week of working on Free RN 5.0, I can say without a doubt that my form has improved and when I arrive, I sit under my magnetic field instead of outside it.

The Free RN 5.0 will not replace any of my daily trainers, tempo or running shoes but will be added to my shoe swap because it does something that one of my shoes can do: it can make me a better athlete.

I would like the next version of Free RN 5.0 that the heel pull tab in the middle of the heel and the outsole to insert more rubber in the most wearable areas, even if it means sacrificing its light weight.

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