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Nike Air Pegasus 83 Women Shoes Review

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NIKE Running Shoes

The Nike Air Air Pegasus 83 is a well-designed daily trainer that is as consistent as its previous Pegasus models but is soft and compact enough to travel long distances.

Nike Air Pegasus 83 Women Shoes Review 2021

Version 83 is the only high-end update that fixes the slightest bump and slipperiness of the previous version.


  • Extra living with large Lockdown
  • High level of cushioning
  • Impressive construction quality
  • A large amount of money


  • Lose weight than the previous version
  • The thick surface feels warm
  • The return of low energy

Nike Air Pegasus 83 Introduction

The year 2021 will be a year of minor changes to Nike with Pegasus 83, Vaporfly Next% 2, Miler 2 and Infinity Run 2 all receiving only top updates.

Most of the running shoes mentioned above didn’t really need a high-end update but the Pegasus 37 needed one.

Its small, horizontal surface caused runners to get blisters on the middle side of their feet while the heel cup was not so deep that it resulted in high heel slipperiness.

These errors were unethical to Air Air Pegasus unchanging, always reliable. When the shoe is 37 years old, everyone expects it to be perfect but the Pegasus 37 was far from it.

The Pegasus 37 sounded like a heavy prototype that should not have seen the light of day and many problems were closely related.

The new Pegasus 83 surface is wider at the front and is built at the same end as previous versions of the Pegasus, prior to the 37th version. It has a new sandwich, a new medium-sized web system and a longer, lighter language.

Nike nicknamed the Pegasus a winged horse to represent movement, speed and attraction.

Is Pegasus still a proper name for Pegasus 83 and how does it compare to other everyday trainers?

Nike Air Pegasus 83 First Appearance

When I first tried it, the above update sounded softer and more comfortable than the previous version. It is the same size as the glove.

This is more than what can compete with Brooks Ghost and ASICS Cumulus when it comes to high comfort.

I like the black/white theme colour presentation with purple and green tips. I got a few comments about how beautiful they looked when I wore them to my club race.

NIKE Running Shoes


The first run on the Peg 83 was a 5-mile warm-up, followed by a 10-kilometre tempo run.

The first thing I noticed was that it felt much better during the warm-up, at a slower pace than quick steps.

At tempo times, I struggle to get faster on the Peg 83 due to the high level of sinking on the midsole.

At that early stage, the trip felt really comfortable with long-distance rides but it didn’t sound like the Pegasus models of the past.

Nike Air Pegasus 83 Sole Unit

I like the changes to the midsole introduced on the Pegasus 37 because I like soft shoes. The Pegasus 83 has the same midsole and outsole as the Pegasus 37.

I find the current Pegasus has more cushioning than previous versions of the Pegasus due to the soft React foam and the airy airbag.

Before Pegasus 37, I wouldn’t even dream of doing a distance race on Pegasus but with more promotions, it’s definitely possible.

I did a 40-mile run on the Pegasus 83 and although it was not a fun run, it did the job and gave my feet adequate protection from bumps.

It wasn’t a fun race because riding the Peg 83 is very “old school” as the midsole doesn’t offer much return power compared to new nitrogen-powered shoes like the FuelCell Rebel V2 or the Nitro Foam Deviate.

The Peg 83 is greatly reduced but the disadvantage of additional cushioning in the Pegasus 83 is that the old, rotating, flexible environment of the Pegasus takes a knock.

The Pegasus 83 is more suitable for long runs at free speeds than short, fast runs.

The 10mm thick, large, forefoot Air Air unit only provides a shock-absorbing space. And also offers a pleasant springy rebound.

I find myself trying to hit the forefoot more on the Pegasus 83 than any other shoe. Because of the thick airbag available there so if you want a shoe. That will encourage you to hit the forefoot, I highly recommend the Peg 83.

Although there is an Air unit in the front and not in the back. The ride still sounds very smooth because the back and front feet are exactly the same as the congestion. So, the conversion does not feel different.

NIKE Running Shoes


I find the Pegasus 83 React foam is much stronger and more responsive than squishy. ​​ Which easily presses React in Infinity Run Flyknit 2 so if you get Infinity Run too soft. The Pegasus 83 might be a better choice.

Strictly speaking, the Pegasus 83 is moderately soft. And its midsole density is softer than Ghost 13. Ride 14 and Miler 2 but stronger than Clifton 7 and Cumulus 23.

The Pegasus 83 has a comfortable ride so it makes for a great everyday trainer. I found that it was more suitable for light running than 5.30 km because of the amount of sink in each foot.

It is very difficult to pick up speed on the Pegasus 83 and it also does not help that the insole is thick and spongy.

The outsole is an old, hard-worn Pegasus and is one that lasts longer than an everyday trainer. I have run over 100 miles with my pair and no wear is visible.

Includes a signature of Pegasus waffle guitars in a large section with crashing pads on the sides of the outsole.

Traction is good in dry areas but less than wet in wet areas due to the hardness of the rubber.

Under the heel, there is a deep hole that saves weight, adds stability and makes the heel feel soft because the foam under the heel can press downwards.

Nike Air Pegasus 83 Upper Unit


All of the above issues that plagued the final version have been fixed in Pegasus 83. The new sandwich mesh provides a soft feel for all comfort but is thick and not very breathable.

The soft mid-foot web system distributes in-foot pressure over a wide area. To make it feel more comfortable than the Pegasus 37. Which had different mid-foot bands that were very strong and weird.

The small, inspired language of the race first introduced on Pegasus 36 has been replaced by along. The pamphlet no longer feels out of place and fixes two major problems.

The design of the new, long tongue does an excellent job of protecting your foot from pressure. Of lacing and is attached to the inner sleeve so that no tongue slips at all.

The tongue with strips also moves the foot back. Towards the heel cup so that your heel stays sliding against the heel counter. And this eliminates the annoying slippery heel that was present in Peg 37.

The best and most important update is that the forefoot is open so it feels comfortable and there is no more pressure point inside the midfoot that caused the friction on the Pegasus 37.

The balance is true in size and the standard version is right for most athletes with normal foot size.


Pegasus 83 is a much-needed update or only a modified version.

It is sophisticated and sounds like this is a shoe that Nike should have introduced last year.

Fans of the Pegasus 36 and earlier versions should be warned: this is not the same, Pegasus is an all-encompassing version of the past.


The Pegasus 83 is best suited for easy running and struggles with fast running because of how soft it is. This workhorse has lost its wings.

I enjoyed taking it out by running a medium distance. Comfortable between 10 and 20 miles when I was not worried about speed.

On the Nike system, I personally prefer the Miler 2 which is a bit heavier than the Pegasus 83. But with smoother ride modes and is a better rounder due to its durability. Miler 2 can also run faster.

We are in the golden age of running shoes and there are many other good everyday trainers who are flexible and offer a fun ride that comes back stronger than the Pegasus 83.

The main reason you chose the Pegasus 83 over any other daily trainer in the category of its price points is durability. It sounds like a well-built, durable train with an outsole that can easily travel more than 600 miles.

And it is a great option for beginners who want to buy shoes that fit well and will last a very long time.

We bought a pair of Nike Air Pegasus 83 from the running warehouse using our own money. This did not affect the outcome of this review, which was written after running more than 50 miles in it.

To get this type of content stays with us…..!

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