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Nike Air Max 2021 Review

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NIKE Running Shoes

The fact that the Nike Air Max 2021 series has become a fake sports shoe style in recent times is a testament to its popularity as much as a regular shoe.

Some of the rip-offs are so well done that they are hard to separate. And why is Nike not a fan of these guys? Because the process will eventually turn into a whack-a-mole shoe version, with more power applied to smaller effects.

The best way in this situation would be to move forward, which brings us to Nike Air Max 2021.

Nike Air Max 2021 Review


The Air Max stadium may not be popular with aspiring runners, but it still helps Nike sell shoes full of ships. When the first version of AM – the Air Max 2006 accuracy – made its public appearance a decade ago, many Nike running shoes still came with Max Air heels.

Adults will remember the famous Air Max Moto and other ‘integrated’ versions of Air Max 2006 such as the Air Max 180 and 90. But soon it will be 2017, and the design of running shoes has changed by jumping and jumping.

Compared to some of the best running shoes on the market today (including Nike), Air Max has put running shoes in their look and ride as a marketing gimmick. As of today, there are five models of Air Max classified as running shoes by Nike.

In addition to Nike Air Max 2021, there are Air Max Sequent 2, Air Max Excellerate 5, and Air Max Tailwind. There is a Flyknit iteration of Air Max for sale with MSRP eye-catching $ 225.

Like the standard AM17, none of these models makes the range a functional running shoe. However, Nike knows that it has to meet the needs of regular consumers as it needs to meet the needs of sensitive athletes. That’s fine, but Nike should make a clear distinction between the two of you, and not include these products in the performance category.

NIKE Running Shoes


As we mentioned in our Adidas writing Alphabounce, Adidas and Nike are doing a terrible job of dividing these two categories. Or maybe it is a deliberate double immersion, which is an equal sign.


Nike sales pitch: Lightweight, plush comfort.

Above: Flymesh engineered, inner sleeve.

Midsole: EVA compressed foam, full-length Max Air Bag. 13 mm heel offset.

Outsole: Strong, light rubber.

Weight: 366 gms / 13 Oz for half US pairs For Men 10 / UK 9 / EUR 44 / CM 27.1

Available range: Single, D – standard (updated).


  • Smooth internal balance, light


  • Heavy Airbag, fragile, expensive, no wide range to choose from



 The Airbag midsole and outsole were exactly the same a few years ago, so the changes only took place at the top. The 2017 model lowers the Flywire based on (AM16) with a mesh moulded design and includes many other updates.

The rest of the AM17 is significantly cleaner than the 16. That is the result of eliminating the Swoosh forefoot logo and Flywire cords over the midfoot. Instead, the above uses traditional round threads that are passed through regular eyelets.

The Swoosh logo is mounted on both sides of the midfoot, a movement that also makes the AM17 look very light.

Reflectivity gets a bigger improvement than both AM15 and 16. Both Swoosh logos are light, and that applies to the top label of the tongue and the heel strap.

At AM16, all consideration was centred on the heel, so the 2017 update did a stellar job in this department. Not only is the value of appearance increased, but it is distributed evenly.

The outer surface is made of a single-piece mesh (Flymesh in Nike gobbledygook), but that does not mean it has no cosmetic details. The middle and rear part of the foot has moulded spaces, which add to the design size of the small upper structure.

In some ways, the Nike Air Max 2021 is similar to the Air Max 2003, another shoe with a full-length airbag. Even the Asics Gel Quantum 360 looks almost like a design template.

There is one change you will not see outside. Both AM15 and 16 had a partial sleeve, which meant that the tongue was attached to the top but to the middle, all the blows of the tongue were independent. Nike Air Max 2021 eliminates that trend and opts for a full sleeve.


Inside the heel, the collar lining has expanded foam padding. And as if to keep up with the review of the collar, AM2017 is also introducing the final eyelet to tie the heel lock. In simple English, this means that the AM17 has seven measuring lines compared to the six of the AM16.

In the early days of the Air Max series, the midsole was completely foam.

That was the point after all; The Air Max 2006 became the first Nike shoe to boast a midsole made entirely of the airbag.

In 2009, Nike made peace with its marketing claims and introduced a layer of soft foam over the airbag. And why? The problem was that the construction of 100% urethane / Pebax made the shoe much stronger than people thought.

So, Nike pulled a leaf out of Air Max 2003’s flagship plans and began installing a layer of the foam midsole. AM2009 became the first Air Max shoe to incorporate this build, and all subsequent models use this method.

The basics of Air Bag remain unchanged. The air is trapped inside a pressurized chamber of urethane, and the midsole structure is made up of pillars inside and a solid Pebax section near the upper and lower edges. The AM17 incorporates the only component similar to the last three Air Max models, with the same heel drop to toe 13 mm.

A few years ago, Nike introduced printed airbags, and that’s what you get on the AM17. The text ‘Air Max’ is boldly displayed on the outside, in the same way, that AM15 and 16 do.

Inside, a thick foam pad made of soft foam performs the rowing functions, as well as a layer of foam that sits at the bottom.

Lastly, the translucent rubber outsole provides protection from the fragile airbag in another way. The underside is completely lined with a solid rubber compound, and unlike most running shoes, no (soft) rubber parts are blown.

There’s a good reason why Nike is stopping talking about the weight of Nike Air Max 2021 on its website. This is one heavy shoe; half a pair of US 10 weighs about 13/368 ounces.

The AM17 is slightly lighter than the AM16 due to its clean design but still survives by any design. Even with Nike’s marketing standards, it’s a shame to see them describe the shoe as ‘simple.’

A lot of weight is focused on the lower part of the shoe. A full cover-up rubber, a urethane bag with its own pillars, and Pebax integrated sections add a great deal to this silhouette.

Outsole traction is standard; hard rubber is not used properly on smooth or wet surfaces.

If the information has taught us something, then there is no indication of how long the life of Nike Air Max 2021 will be. If everything goes without a hiccup, then a distance of 300 miles is possible. The surface does not have Flywire cables that can break, and the inner sleeve makes the construction of it all the more durable.

NIKE Running Shoes


The outsole is made of durable rubber that can withstand long-term damage. However, all of that does not work in a full-length Air Bag. Its durability may be the same as the remaining shoe or it may be too short.

The Air Max bag is like a pneumatic wheel, except that when it is punctured, there is no garage to repair it. Over time, there are erroneous reports of a failed Air Max bag within 50 miles. Indeed, the rubber-protected outer room is much better than the original Air Max models (’06 to ’08), where the exploding Air Bag was the norm and not the exception.

Here’s a sensible tip to protect your investment: When using AM17, avoid dusty roads, extreme heat, industrial waste, or forest trails. That will improve the life span of the endangered midsole.


The small surface hides the inner toe bump, the part that creates a vertical chamber and the lateral width inside the toe box. The Nike Air Max 2021’s toe-box feels slower than the AM16, and that’s the result of a (multiple) curved heels that moves the foot forward.

With Flywire gone, the midfoot wrap feels evenly spread. Seamless inner sleeve and in line with midfoot balance, make it secure and smooth on the inside.

Heel padding has increased, resulting in better heel balance. And if ever it comes to needing more grip, there is always the last eye to lock the heel to look the same.

The front of the Nike Air Max has always been the size. The 2017 model also has a forefoot equivalent, though not higher than the AM16. Under the same circumstances, the updated heel should cause the forefoot to move slightly, but you should consider the effects of Flywire cords that are currently missing.

Midfoot Flywire is one of the reasons why the character is as big as the AM16 front foot. While the updated heel on the AM17 pushes the foot forward, it counts for a simple non-Flywire midfoot. In short, both AM16 and 17 are similar in front.

It would be great to have at least 2E in the Nike Air Max 2021, in case this durability proves too much for others. In terms of heel-toe measurement, AM2017 is truly proportional to size.


If one looks at the midsole of a shoe made of the urethane airbag, the obvious expectation is that it is the extreme comfort. But here’s the solid, cold fact: with the exception of the plush insole and the soft foam layers underneath, the actual airbag unit is quite sturdy.

Many of you may have an extra air mattress packed somewhere to accommodate a guest’s occasional bed. The Air Max bag is the size of a tightly pressed air mattress; cushioning is spread over a large area instead of being made into a foam-like area or a spring mattress.

This local quality – or the instant gratification environment – of the knee is what makes most shoes feel soft, and the airbag does not have that. The perfect ride has a solid feel, more than foam shoes.

Another reason for the AM17’s durability is the lack of a rubber outsole hitting and speaking. Many shoes feature a soft rubber forefoot that enhances the soft feel. The Air Max has a strong rubber outsole from heel to toe that adds durability.

Nike Running Shoes


Also, the outsole is a single piece and has no parts placed on top of the foam. Frequent separation contributes to the experience of flexibility, as they are flexible and bend underweight.

The Nike Air Max 2021 has only a small reaction – the quality of the shoe that sounds like a return to power – due to the large Airbag.

Among the Nike family of Air Bag models, the Zoom Air format is the most responsive. The small, dripping design brings out the subtleties of spring, something the big AM17 bag doesn’t.

Instead of a responsive rebound, the AM17 offers solid type depth.

The Air midsole may grow solid, but the lack of side support structures deprives it of a few points from the overall level of stability. There is slight learning on both sides of the midsole; The Air Max midsole also differs in the way it operates in terms of airflow.

When you load your weight on the backside, the air travels to the middle side, making you stronger. And vice versa. This also applies to the entire midsole. Loading the heel will push the air in the forward stages. The front moves better instability, as its thin stack and very strong nature show support.

It’s no surprise that the changes feel weird when the Nike Air Max 2021 is used as a running shoe. As the volume of air is removed with each step, the ride may have lumps.

Therefore, the best case for using Nike Air Max 2021 is the standard tag and not the performance product.


Nike Air Max 2021 is anything if it is standard. Like it or not, the beauty of the Airbag of full length cannot be overstated. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the strong sales of Air Max prove that many love the way the shoe looks. Going by the majority of buyers, the visual image of the AM17 can be counted as a good one.

The above is very similar too. The front and toe areas are comfortable and uncluttered but uncomfortable, and the sleeveless midfoot looks great. The heel grips well, so there are no complaints there.

Current users of Air Max 2016 who wanted more visibility found their Christmas wish, as the AM17 is loaded with a glossy material. Like glittering tiles, so do many of them.

Now, the negatives. First of all, the AM17 is tough. If this review was about a sack of potatoes instead, survival meant you got a better value for money. However, in running shoes, light is better.

Second, the Air Max bag is a weak point. If you are lucky, you will not face any problems with the compressed midsole. On the other hand, the chance of encountering a sharp object will lead to the premature destruction of the $ 190 shoe. And yes, the amount of obscenity is negative too; no explanation is required here.


And lastly, what $ 200 shoe does not have a wide range of options, especially if the brand is trying to pull it off as a running shoe?


Compared to AM14, 15 and 16, there is no difference in the way the Nike Air Max 2021 rides. Why? An outsole similar to the midsole has been used in the previous three versions.

There are many updates at the top, both for makeup and performance. The heel fit is small, making the toe box point slightly lower than the AM16.

The Flywire-free midfoot wraps better, as the inner sleeve changes from a partial sleeve. (AM16) to full in the current version of AM. The proportions of the forefoot have not changed.

From the trim look, there is a lot more look to the top compared to the previous model. The new Air max is a little lighter, weighing 0.3 ounces / 9 grams under AM.

The $ 190 sticker shock is always there, sadly.

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