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How To Clean Suede Shoes

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Traditional, classy and oh-so-versatile shoes, suede have been a staple of wardrobe for decades; if they are good enough for Elvis Presley, then they deserve us! Today our informative content is about “how to clean suede shoes”.

But, what do you do when the weather makes 180 and you get caught in the rain wearing your soft suedes? The suede guards among us understand the great fear of breaking the number one rule of having suede shoes: do not get wet!

‘How to clean suede shoes is an old question that many have not yet read the answer to. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place. Our beginner’s guide to cleaning suede trainers, boots and slippers at home includes professional tips, hack-busting-busting and safety tips to help you refresh your dirty suede and keep them looking new.

How to clean suede shoes, trainers, boots and slippers in four steps

How to clean suede shoes

In those difficult times that leave your suede shoes looking miserable, check out these four easy steps to help you save yourself on your way to the help shop. If your shoes have a care label, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best possible result.

Step 1: Prepare

First, make sure that you have the right tools for the job. Suede is a delicate material with a soft texture, and thus, it should be carefully cleaned with a suede brush. These usually come with special suede cleaners, though a clean nail polish or an old toothbrush I have to work with. Suede rubber is also ideal for scuff attacks – but more on these later.

Step 2: Make sure your shoes are dry

Take a professional – suede is best cleaned when dry. While you may desperately want to clean up your kick with a blind curse when it gets wet, try to resist; removing stain during moisture can make it very difficult to remove it over time as dirt particles are embedded in the fabric. If the dirt on your precious suedes is still wet, wipe it off slowly and let it dry.

Step 3: Remove excess dirt

Don’t worry if you are not sure how to use a suede brush at first. Just remove any loose dirt from the surface of your shoes by gently rubbing the suede repeatedly on one side with your handy suede brush. After a few brushes, your shoes should be on the road to look as good as new.

Step 4: Display specific TLC in scuffs & scrapes

How to clean suede shoes

No matter how hard you try to avoid teasing your suedes, scratching cannot be avoided by wearing it regularly. Brush back and forth with your suede brush with great force to help lift the suede flat and remove any dirt particles.

For stubborn scuffs that refuse to brush, suede rubber maybe your hero wearing glossy weapons (a clean standing element should be tricky when biting). Coat the suede with a limited amount of pressure, increasing this to solid marks. If the rubber does not help much after a while, take a break – too much rubbing will damage your fragile material.

How to remove stains from suede shoes

Once you have followed the four steps above, your shoes should look significantly newer than when you first started. But, if the stubborn spots are still struggling to stay in your soft suedes, it’s time to take things in stride. You will be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to clean suede shoes with household products already lying in your closet.

How to remove oil or grease from suede shoes

Speaking of experience, oily stains can be a nightmare to remove almost anything – never think of suede! But all hopes are not lost. Some carefully selected household products may be all you need to say adios to the irrational oil stains. Here are three suede cleaning methods you can try:

Nail brush – follow the procedure described above by brushing the stain with a suede brush, before using a nail brush to scrub off excess oil.

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Maize starch – when the oil is wet, sprinkle the corn starch over the stain and leave it overnight. Then, brush the powder and gently blow the metal away.

White vinegar – for spots I do not really know when to bend, apply white vinegar to a soft rag and rub it gently. Allow the vinegar to dry and follow with a suede brush.

How to get watermarks on suede shoes

Watermarks are inevitable if you choose to wear suede shoes every day. Although water is known to change suede colour, it can also remove stains – but only if used properly, so tread carefully when trying these suggestions.

Water evenly the entire surface of the shoe with your brush until the water stains are no longer visible.

Rub the skin with a dry sponge or cloth to soak up plenty of water.

Fill your shoes with paper (avoid paper that can transmit ink) to help shut off excess water inside and leave them dry overnight in a dry, ventilated area. Shoe polish will also help your precious suede retain its original shape.

When dry, use a little suede brush to make sure the suede lays down and in the right way.

How to clean mud on suede shoes

While we would not recommend exposing suede shoes or coaches on the football field, it is important to know how to take care of hit mud if possible.

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Gently wipe off excess mud from the suede (making sure you do not rub or keep dirt on the suede) and allow the remaining dirt to dry.

Expect large pieces to blow when the mud is hard at the top.

Then, use your reliable suede brush to dust the remaining particles.

How to protect suede shoes

Being able to wash suede shoes is nice and comfortable, but after all that effort, what should you do to keep them in good condition for as long as possible? Try our top suede cleaning and care tips:

Tip 1: Store in a dry, dark place

If you do not show off your blue suede shoes, be sure to keep them in the shoebox for maximum protection. This will prevent them from harvesting the mould in moist conditions and will keep their colour from fading, ultimately making your kicking longer.

Tip 2: Prevention is better than cure

The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ sounds true when it comes to suede shoes. Protect newly cleaned or brand new shoes by spraying with a suede protective spray to help prevent nightmares from cleaning in the future.

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We recommend that you do your research on these solutions first through – some may permanently change the colour of suede, so be sure to read customer reviews and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

Tip 3: Catchwater spots immediately

We always recommend that you check the weather forecast before taking your suede beauty to a larger, wider world, but in the event of a surprise attack, our advice is to act quickly. Once you are in a safe place, cover the moisture in your shoes with a paper towel to help reduce water stains.

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